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2014 Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend

Aussies bring home gold from Las Vegas

2014 saw the biggest Natural Bodz Australia team in history head to Las Vegas to take on some of the finest natural athletes from across the globe in the biggest Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend in history, with over 700 competitors!

Our 2014 Team certainly had their work cut out but from the word go the awards began to fall into Australian territory. Each and every athlete did Natural Bodz Magazine and Australia proud presenting themselves in an impeccable fashion. Some of the more prominent victories across the Musclemania Bodybuilding and Figure America Categories included Marinus Van Stolk taking out the Middleweight Class and then the Overall Musclemania¬ģ Amateur World Title. This victory earned Marinus Musclemania¬ģ Pro Status.
Billie Paea earned a 3rd place victory in the same category, with Peter Hartwig narrowly missing out on a top 5 placing.

Rob Quatro in his all time best condition smashed the Masters Class earning him a first place World Title in Musclemania. Matt Elley presented a well balanced package to the stage but missed out on a placing this time round. With a little more conditioning Matt will without doubt be a strong contender in future events.¬†Kwame Duah took on one of the toughest Pro Categories in the entire event to bring home an impressive 3rd place victory.This years team featured three superb competitors competing in the Figure America‚ĄĘ Categories.¬†Kristina Angeli brought amazing balance, symmetry and condition to the stage earning her a second place victory in the Medium Figure America‚ĄĘ Class.Fiona Buckley also brought a great package to the stage but narrowly missed out on a top five placing.¬†Kristine Brown competed in the Figure America Tall Class and looked amazing, but missed out on a placing in this years event.

All the athletes were outstanding and should be extremely proud of their achievements as the 2014 line ups were some of the toughest in the history of the event.

Our 2014 Team of girls competing in the Bikini America‚ĄĘ classes took to the stage with a clear mission in mind, to make their mark on the Fitness America‚ĄĘ Stage and to bring home gold for Australia…And so they did.

Samantha Symes collected a 2nd place award in the Bikini Short class, followed by Paige Barnes in 3rd place, and Katie Stevens coming in 7th place. Shannah Baker took a 1st place award in the Medium Bikini Class with Alannah Wolff taking home a first place award in the Tall Class against a tough line up of girls. Kathryn Magnus and Dell
Farrell looked amazing in their respective Bikini categories but missed out on making the top 5 this time round.

Shannah and Alannah took to the stage for the Overall Ms Bikini America‚ĄĘ Title with the other category winners. Shannah came out with the number one spot being crowned 2014 Overall Ms Bikini America‚ĄĘ and earning prestigious Pro Status.

We had three girls making their debut in the Prestigious Bikini Pro Class. Sarah Matoka who looked amazing but this time round missed out on a top 5 placing. Jacquii
Alexander brought a great package to the stage earning her a 5th place award and finally the stunning Renee Brady who captured the judges attention from the word go and was crowned the first ever Bikini America‚ĄĘ Pro Class Champion.

The awards kept rolling in across the Model America‚ĄĘ Categories, starting with the lovely Katie Stevens taking a 2nd place in the Commercial Model Class. With the outstanding Samantha Symes following up with a 4th place in the same class. Paige Barnes, Sarah Matoka and Kathryn Magnus did themselves and Australia proud but missed out on a top 5 placing this time round. Renee Brady hit the stage with impeccable form in the Model America‚ĄĘ Sports Class taking out the number one spot once again against a tough line up of Models from across the world!

Next up the guys followed suit with Taylor Kleinberg taking home a 2nd place in the Sports Model Class, followed with Joshua Hohua earning a 5th place award. Finally Jake Sylvester hit the stage with style taking out 2nd place, a few points away from taking out the number one spot! Congratulations go out to all of these amazing athletes, they did themselves, Natural Bodz and Australia proud.

The 2014 Musclemania¬ģ Physique Class saw three Team members take the stage against formidable line ups of Physique athletes from across the globe.

First up Jake Sylvester in the Junior Physique Class. Jake collected a 5th place this time round against a tough line of Junior competitors.

Taylor Kleinberg and Joshua Hohua were next up, both guys looking amazing but this time round did not crack the top 5 placings. With a little more work both of these athletes will no doubt be cracking the top placings in the near future. The Overall Amateur Musclemania¬ģ Physique title was awarded to the impressive physique of Ian Beason of the USA.

The Pros were up next with Ben ‚ÄúAbstacker‚ÄĚ Handsaker making his debut in the Pro class. Ben presented great shape and stage presence but failed to crack the top placings this time.
This is one tough category with some seriously well put together physiques. Have a look at the amazing Physique of 2014 Overall Musclemania¬ģPro World Champion Perry Hoskins of the USA!
Absolutely outstanding and a true inspiration to aspiring Physique competitors across the globe.

The 2015 Musclemania¬ģ Australia event is set for the 19th September on Queensland’s Gold Coast. This event is a Qualifier for the Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend in Las Vegas and also Overall winners in Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique and Bikini earn Pro Status. Earning Pro Status in Musclemania¬ģ is no easy task and is open ONLY to the Overall winners of respective categories.
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To read the full 2014 ¬†Musclemania¬ģ Fitness America Weekend¬†Event Report¬†and view more amazing images purchase¬†Volume 7 Issue 2 of Natural Bodz magazine¬†Click here