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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 Issue 2


This issues Cover Models:¬†Renee Brady & Tony Struagr¬†Star Profiles: 2014¬†Bikini Universe‚ĄĘ Shannah Baker, ¬†Marinus Van Stolk¬†2014 Musclemania¬ģ World Amateur ¬†Champion.¬†¬†In the Spotlight Profile¬†with¬†Bikini Model¬†Triss Clark.


Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 Issue 2

Our Cover Models: This issue features two¬†of¬†Australia’s top Natural Athletes. Stunning 2014 Bikini America‚ĄĘ Pro Champion¬†Renee Brady¬†of Newcastle¬†and Tony Strugar of NSW Model Australia‚ĄĘ Overall Champion. Renee won the Overall Bikini‚ĄĘ Australia title in 2013, and blitzed the 2014 Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend stage in Vegas last year by taking out the Pro Bikini Class and the Model America‚ĄĘ Category. Tony has won a host of Fitness Modeling events in Australia with his most recent victory being the Overall Model Australia‚ĄĘ at the 2014 Musclemania¬≠¬ģ Australia on Queensland’s Gold Coast.¬†The images featured on this cover were captured at the Natural Bodz Media Day Shoot by Editor Steve Jones and Rob Bell. You can follow both of these athletes through their social media links below.

Follow Renee on Facebook Here On Instagram Here

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IN THIS ISSUE: Nutrition Knowledge Centre: Vitamin C Boosts Testosterone Hydrated body burns more fat! Sugary Soft drinks accelerate aging. Go bananas and live longer. Protein foods help lower blood pressure. Sugar bad for your memory. Pomegranate boosts testosterone!

Feature: IIFYM РIf It Fits Your Macros РThe Pros and Cons We take a look into the popular IIFYM movement and discuss the pros and cons and how some folk are being misguided by some coaches and trainers.

Star Profile:¬†2014 Bikini America‚ĄĘ Champion Shannah Baker In this issue we feature the stunning Shannah Baker fresh off her victory at the 2014 Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend in Las Vegas where she captured the Overall Bikini America‚ĄĘ Title and earned her Pro Status.

Feature¬†Report: 2014 Musclemania¬ģ World / Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend – Aussies Bring home Gold From Las Vegas With the success of the 2014 Natural Bodz Team Australia we only saw it fit to run a special 8 page pictorial report to showcase the amazing Australia talent that blitzed the Las Vegas stage.

Feature Article: Gravity РThe Ultimate Muscle Building Force Editor Steve Jones provides some insight into how we can use the world’s most powerful force to unleash our true muscle building potential.

In the Spotlight with Triss Clark In this issue we put 19 year old Bikini Model Triss Clark under the spotlight and hit her with the all important questions about exercise, nutrition and future goals.

Train Smart: Weight Training spikes Human Growth Hormone Watch your muscles grow! Study on strength and rest between sets. Dumbbells build better delts. The best of the best for bicep growth. Eat protein 30 minutes before exercise and burn more fat!

Feature Article: Creatine РThe Dark Knight of Damage Control Feature contributor Dr George Redmon discusses new research showing how creatine not only enhances strength and performance but also helps prevent muscle damage after intense exercise.

Supplement Central: Improve body composition with a drop of vinegar before bed. Effects of creatine visible after just 5 days! Horsetail a powerful natural diuretic.

Star Profile: 2014 Musclemania¬ģ¬†World Amateur Champion – Marinus Van Stolk In this issue we feature the newly crowned Musclemania¬ģ World Amateur Champion Marinus Van Stolk. A truly inspiring profile where we talk training, diet, supplements and how Marinus trained to earn his Musclemania¬ģ Pro Card.

Health, Sex and Longevity: Four keys to maintaining a healthy weight. Live longer with beta alanine. Delay aging by eating fewer meals per day. Good fats for a healthy heart.

Feature: Interview with Rob Quatro¬†‚Äď 2014 Musclemania¬ģ World Masters¬†Champion This interview is truly inspirational to all, especially for those 40 plus year olds that think it‚Äôs too late to make weight training and bodybuilding part of their lives. Rob Quatro is a living example of exactly what can be achieved if you put your mind, body and soul into it.

Fitness Minds: Don’t take yourself too serious. Exercise to keep the brain in good shape. Haters only exist if you let them!

Natural Chef: High Protein Pumpkin Pancakes Looking for something a little different for breakfast. Give these pancakes a whirl, they are delicious!

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