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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 Issue 2


This issues Cover Models: Kate Mc Cracken & Dave Nelson Star Profiles: Fitness Model Kristen Lonie Physique Star Paul Foote In the Spotlight Profile on Fitness Model Hayley Saunders

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 Issue 2

Star Profile – Fitness Model Kristen Lonie  We take a closer look into the amazing success story of Kristen Lonie from NSW. How she captured just about every major Fitness Model and Fitness Model event over the last six months. A truly inspiring profile from one of the most stunning fitness models in the industry.

Star Profile -Natural Physique Star Paul Foote  He may be a lightweight but Paul Foote packs a serious punch when he steps on stage in any Natural Bodybuilding event. He captured the 2011 Under 65kgs category in the Asia Pacific so it’s time to discover some of his secrets.

The Latest Fat Loss Secrets Revealed  Are you struggling to drop those stubborn love handles or that lower ab fat. We take an in-depth look into why most people fail when it comes to weightloss and how you can take action and start to drop those kilos fast.

The Fitness Model Handbook   Fitness Modeling is taking Australia by storm so it’s about time we provided a run down on how to reach the top in the world of Fitness Modeling. We cover diet, exercise, stage presence and how to market yourself.

Post Workout Fat Intake Good or Bad?  Should we be supplementing with fats after our workouts? Most people would say no, but the latest scientific research suggests otherwise. You will be very surprised!

Supplement Review: Gingko Biloba Mother Nature’s Performance Enhancer  Gingko Biloba has been used for thousands of years to improve mental focus and provide natural energy to the body. The latest research on Gingko suggests it may be much more than a simple brain booster it can actually boost your natural testosterone levels!

In The Spotlight With Hayley Saunders  This months in the spotlight features the beautiful Hayley Saunders from Central Coast New South Wales.

Nutrition Knowledge Centre Lose weight faster with vitamin C. Pump up on Beetroot Juice! Can eating at night really make you fat? Cocoa makes you get fit faster.

Train Smart Burn more fat with 15 minutes of weights per day.8 tips to help get the most from your workouts. Chin ups the ultimate strength & muscle building exercise.

Supplement Central Mitochondrial nutrients for more stamina. Pea protein may reduce blood pressure. Caffeine raises fat burning after strength training. Grape seed extract inhibits aromatase.

Health, Sex & Longevity  Silicon supplement rejuvenates skin, hair & nails. Vitamin C protects hair from androgens. Study strengthens concerns about long term use of pain killers. Fitness Minds  Find out the latest research on how to control anxiety.

Competition Corner  Event Calendar.

The Natural Chef  High protein low carb pumpkin and spinach pie.

Plus Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.