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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 2


This issues Cover Models: Melinda Theore & Grant Rayner

Star Profiles:
Physique Star Melissa Pearson
Natural Physique Star Grant Rayner

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 2

Star Profiles – Natural Physique Star Melissa Pearson 
Melissa Pearson is one of the best female bodybuilders in Australasia, fresh off her victory at the 2010 ANB Asia Pacific International she shares some of her secrets to achieving her winning condition.

Star Profile – Natural Physique Star Grant Rayner 
Up close and personal with Perth born Natural Bodybuilding Champion Grant Rayner. Grant recently captured 1st place in the 2010 ANB Asia Pacific International and is due to compete in Las Vegas in November

5 Reasons Why Most Workouts Fail! 
Are you tired of not getting results from your efforts in the gym? Steve Jones highlights 5 of the main reasons why your workouts may not be delivering the results you desire!

BACK 2 BASICS With Obi Obadike 
The new WBFF Pro Male Fitness Model World Champion shares his secrets to building an impressive back.

Express Workouts: Short & Sweet Workouts That Produce BIG Results. 
You don’t need to spend 4 hours a day in the gym to get great results! Steve Jones shows you how to cut your gym time in half yet double your net results!

Harnessing the power of Insulin & BCAA’s
Discover how harnessing the power of Insulin and BCAA’s can help you burn more fat and build more quality muscle.

Supplement Science: A Closer look at GPLC 
Glycine-Propionyl-L-Carnitine is one of the latest breakthroughs in the world of sport supplements. It’s proving to be a very powerful tool for those looking to increase lean muscle mass and burn fat!

Nutrition Knowledge Centre
Cinnamon helps antioxidant status.
Low carb diet protein diet causes muscle to grow without training!
Xylitol a natural sweetener with benefits.

Train Smart
Don’t feel like going to the gym, don’t stop just train less.
New research proves that higher reps equal more muscle growth.

Supplement Central 
Build muscle with Di Sodium D Aspartic Acid.
Kre-Alkalyn: Creatine with a difference.
Beta Phenylethylamine the natural stimulant

Health Sex & Longevity 
Large waist linked to increased risk of death!
Unpleasant personality raises the risk of stroke.
Tri-athletes reveal secrets of heart health.
A moment on the lips, a year on the hips.

Fitness Minds
It’s all in your mind: Discover how thought and word associations play a major role your efforts to burn fat and build muscle.

Competition Corner
Australia’s first ever Male & Female Fitness Model Championships. An overview of the exciting new category to be introduced in 2011.

Desire To Inspire 
Mother of 5 Leonie Leonard has used the natural bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle to overcome some serious health issues & become a successful figure competitor.

Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.