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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 1


This issues Cover Models: Zoe Daly & Sasho Ognenovski Star Profiles: Figure Star Shannon Condoleon Natural Star Rede Frisby

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 1

Star Profile – Figure Star Shannon Condoleon Shannon Condoleon is the best natural figure athlete in the Asia Pacific after capturing the Overall title on May 29th 2010. She shares some of her diet and training secrets that helped her reach the pinnacle of her career.

Star Profile – Natural Champion Rede Frisby He is one of the finest natural physiques in Australasia, he lives in New Zealand and has a huge future in natural bodybuilding. His name is Rede Frisby and this is his story. We take a close look at this kiwi muscle stars secret to success.

10 Tips For Eating Clean on a Budget Eating a clean diet can sometimes blow the budget.Find out how you can still eat clean without spending a small fortune on food.

5 Keys To Leaner Body in 10 Weeks  Summer is fast approaching and nows the time to kick your efforts in the gym into overdrive. Discover 5 Keys that will help you achieve your all time best shape.

Pump Up On Vegetables  We all know vegetables are loaded full of vitamins and fibre, but did you know that vegetables contain key ingredients that can pump you up in the gym?

Dare To Be More How to master your mind to become successful in anything you desire. Unbreakable: Are you Unbreakable? Visualize, decide and become.

Cutting-Edge Sport Supplement Report: Prunella Vulgaris & D Aspartic Acid  Looking for new ingredients that have solid research and pack a powerful punch? Prunella Vulgaris has been shown to have powerful anti estrogen and NOS boosting activities. D Aspartic Acid is the NEW Testosterone supplement in town!

Nutrition Knowledge Centre Eating before bed – Good or Bad? Peppers for weight loss! Olive oil & inflammation.

Train Smart 5 most common squatting myths by expert Physio Brad Beer! What to do after your workouts? How exercise enhances Nitric Oxide levels in as little as 7 days!

Supplement Central Magnesium deficiency – are you lacking in this important mineral? Acetylcholine – Peak Performance for your brain.

Health Sex & Longevity  Why binge drinking is bad for you! Tai Chi & Qi Gong boost fitness. Lack of Omega 6 fats linked to dermatitis!

Increasing the Years In Your Life Or the Life In Your Years!  Is 53 the new 43? How do we put the hand brake on Father Time? Christopher Woodley answers all these questions and more in this indepth article on aging in style.

Competition Corner A message from each of our incredible athletes who were selected to compete in Las Vegas in the Muscle Mani a Fitness America Weekend.

Desire To Inspire One of the finest sports models in the business Simone Lewis tell us all about her inspirational success story.

Plus Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.