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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 Issue 1


This issues Cover Models: Tatiana Prokofveya & Ben Handsaker Star Profiles: Figure Champion Tammie Sarkozy Fitness Model Jin Ho Choi In the Spotlight Profile on Fitness Model Belinda McCarthy

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 Issue 1

Star Profile  Figure Star Tammie Sarkozy Get inspired by figure superstar Tammie Sarkozy. Learn how she reached the top in this competitive arena in less than two short years. She shares some of her secrets on training, nutrition and contest preparation.

Star Profile  Fitness Model Jin Ho Choi Korean born Jin Ho Choi is making his mark in the world of Fitness Modeling. He shares his incredible journey and some of his secrets of success with Editor Steve Jones.

Organic Food: Shocking facts you need to know  Is organic food all that it’s cracked up to be? This shocking report provides an insight into the organic food industry and how you are being misled by clever marketing.

10 tips to achieve social media success Learn how to use Facebook to boost your career in Fitness.

In The Spotlight with Belinda Mc Carthy  This issue we features one of New Zealand’s hidden treasures the beautiful Belinda McCarthy.

DMAA Stimulant Now Illegal in Australia  DMAA is now a banned substance and fall under a schedule 9 category the same as heroin and cocaine!

Lift your attitude to lift your game  Discover how changing your attitude can change the outcome of all your efforts both in and out of the gym.

Team Vegas 2012  We reveal Natural Bodz Team Vegas as they prepare to do battle against the best of the best at the Musclemania Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas.

Nutrition Knowledge Centre  Rice protein reduces body fat. Onions are weight loss wonders. Cacao boosts our muscle functions. Grape compound enhances exercise performance. Add ginger to your food to boost calorie burning.

Train Smart  How to get more out of your super-sets Fit or not caffeine still works. Keeping your workouts simple may be the answer. Boost your bench press weight by 10% in two weeks Increase your strength by watching your muscles work.

Supplement Central  Spanish Chamomile the herbal test-booster for bodybuilders. Olive leaf extract  reduces stomach fat. Cordyceps Sinensis study shows it works like HCG. Mangosteen a natural anti- oestrogen.

Health, Sex Longevity  Raisins help to steady blood sugar levels. Low dose aspirin may reduce cancer risk. Prunes shown to boost IGF-1 levels in humans. New study shows sustained fitness promotes long life. Grape seed extract inhibits prostate cancer. Olive oil helps to lube your aching joints.

Fitness Minds  This issue takes us into the important of having passion for everything we do in life.

Natural Chef Looking for a healthy snack alternative try our new low carb high protein egg muffins.

Plus  Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.