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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 Issue 4


This issues Cover Models: Carla New & Nick Bracken

Star Profiles:
Figure and Fitness Model Sarah Davis
Musclemania Pro Dickens Lambert
In the Spotlight Profile on Fitness Model Hector Olivera

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 Issue 4

Star Profile
Fitness/Figure Star Sarah Davis
This issue features one of Australia’s finest Fitness and Figure Athletes, the beautiful Sarah Davis of South Australia.

Star Profile
Musclemania Pro Universe Champion – Dickens Lambert
In this issue we feature one of Natural Bodybuildings most accomplished athletes – the amazing Dickens Lambert of Canada. He shares some of his secrets he used to capture the 2012 Musclemania Pro Universe.

Build Muscle Fast with Lighter Weights! 
Can you build a great physique with lighter weights?
We take a look at what the latest scientific research suggests on this topic, the outcome is quite surprising to say the least.

10 Secrets to Fitness Modeling Success by Fitness Super star Justin Woltering 
One of America’s Finest Male Fitness Models shares his knowledge on how to build a body like a Fitness Model and what it takes to become a success in the Fitness Modeling World.

Cross Fit Training: Is It Right for you? 
Fitness Professional Dr Corey Mote discusses the Pros & Cons of Cross Fit Training and whether it is the right choice for you.

Boost Testosterone Naturally 

In this issue we take a look at some of the latest scientific research on Natural herbal ingredients that can help boost natural testosterone levels.

2013 ANB Asia Pacific Countdown 
The clock is ticking for what is set to be the biggest, baddest display of Natural Muscle, Figure and Fitness Athletes from across the Asia Pacific region.
Complete rundown and event updates.

In The Spotlight with Hector Olivera 

In the spotlight features 2012 ANB Asia Pacific O30 Fitness Model Champion Hector Olivera.

10 Tips to Help you Become a Celebrity Trainer
Find out how you can take your personal training business to a whole new level with our 10 tips to becoming a celebrity trainer.

Musclemania Hits Australia in 2013 
Get ready to rumble as one of the biggest most spectacular Bodybuilding and Fitness brands hits Australia shores on Queensland’s Gold Coast in October this year.

Nutrition Knowledge Centre 
Flaxseed shown to reduce blood pressure.
Parsley boosts testosterone levels. Soft drinks may cause depression. Coffee may help reduce Type 2 diabetes.

Train Smart
Strength training first cardio after. The legs to die for workout. Research shows training with three sets better than one.
Evening workouts won’t cost you sleep.
Weight training and amino acids equals
faster recovery.

Supplement Central 
Paederia Foetida shown to boost testosterone
levels and have anabolic effect. Capsaicin keeps test levels up. Added Leucine makes wheat
protein as anabolic as whey protein.

Health, Sex Longevity 
Caffeine shown to extend lifespan.
Curcumin benefits heart health. Male hormones not tied to women’s libido. Low testosterone
levels may raise diabetes risk. Anxiety may
accelerate aging.

Fitness Minds 
In this issue we look at vital points on how to
develop a winning attitude.

Natural Chef 
Quick and easy zero-carb protein cookies.

Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.