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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 Issue 6


This issues Cover Models: Maddie Cogar & Robbie Frame Star Profiles: Fitness Model Sheree Harris Natural Physique Champion Andrew Kim In the Spotlight Profile on Fitness Model Daniel Johnson

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 Issue 6

Natural Bodz Star Profile  Sheree Harris This issue features stunning fitness model Sheree Harris fresh off her victory at the 2012 ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships. Discover how she trains, eats and thinks to get that winning edge.

Natural Bodz Star Profile  Andew Kim If you really need a story to inspire you to get back into the gym you need to read Andrew Kim ’s Star Profile. Learn how he transformed his body from fat to fit and went on to win one of the biggest most prestigious natural bodybuilding titles in the industry.

12 Page Report on 2012 ANB Asia Pacific International Championships A massive 12 page event report with incredible images captured by Rob Bell at the 2012 ANB Asia Pacific Natural Physique, Figure and Fitness Model Championships held on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast.

Spice Up Your Performance  Its time to discover the power of Mother Nature’s spices and how they can not only help you burn build more muscle but also strip away unwanted body fat!

How To Burn 1000 Calories in One Day  Are you struggling to drop those last few kilos, maybe you need to stir things up a little and turn up the heat on those fat cells? We are going to share with you how to burn 1000 calories in one day and give your metabolism that extra boost it needs to fire things up.

On Track For Success – It’s All In Your Hands Have you struggled to reach goals you have set in the past, or maybe you always fall a little short of the mark? You may be overlooking some of the basic traits required to become successful. Learn how success is all in your hands and how to turn your dreams into reality.

In the Spotlight with Daniel Johnson  This issue we take a look at one of the hottest rising stars in the world of male fitness modeling. Twenty seven year old Daniel Johnson of Newcastle, NSW.

Caffeine Facts: How Much is Too Much?  More interesting research on one of the most talked about supplements in the business.

Nutrition Knowledge Centre  Drink your sports beverage ice-cold for better times. One soft drink a day raises heart disease risk by 20%! Exercise helps us to eat a healthy diet. Amino acid found in tea leaves may alleviate anxiety. Grapes may help prevent age-related blindness

Train Smart  Should you train with sore muscles. Study shows heavy weights not needed to build muscle. Should we stretch before working out? How to test your one repetition maximum?

Supplement Central  Mango Power: load up with carbs And burn fat at the same time! Study shows fish out boosts strength. Amino Acid taurine helps protect heart. Caffeine facts: How much is too much?

Health Sex & Longevity Delay aging without hunger with life extenders in green apples. Men who take ginseng live longer. Drink three cups of tea a day & add five years to your life! Mechanism of exercise benefits for prostate cancer. Research shows sustained fitness promotes long life.

Fitness Minds Life is all about taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Competition Corner  2012 Event contest calendar. Full 2012 ANB Asia Pacific Event Report.

Natural Chef  High protein high fiber Banana Bread.

Plus Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.