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Musclemania Pro Ryan Laos

On Top Of The World With Ryan Laos

The title of this article says it all “Ryan Laos is on top of the World.” In November 2012 he captured 1st place in the Light-Heavyweight Class at the Musclemania World Titles in Las Vegas. He now moves up to the Pro Ranks and has his sights set on the 2013 Pro World Title in Vegas. Editor Steve Jones caught up with Ryan so he could share a few of his World Title winning secrets with Natural Bodz readers.

First off Ryan, thanks for taking the time to share your recent success and providing some insight into your future goals in the world of Natural Bodybuilding.Your latest victory was at the 2012 Musclemania World Titles in Las Vegas where you took out the Light heavy weight class. How did it feel to come back onto the scene and capture this prestigious title?
I don’t feel like I’m ever away from the scene. I usually compete once every two years but being a judge for the ANB I am constantly around competitions & therefore constantly inspired by the amazing physiques that are displayed at each show. It is amazing the quality we have in the ANB now. My head space is always projected to the next show & how I want to look onstage. So, with these things combined my life revolves around competitive

It was an unbelievable feeling to win my class. I placed 4th in 2010 & was very happy with that. I knew I was in my best shape ever for 2012 & knew I’d be up there in the rankings but to come away with the win & at the same time place higher than other Pro’s like Justin Figeria just blew me away. I wanted the overall but Joel Ramintis got me again. I have always admired his physique. It is top class.

You brought a much improved physique to the stage in 2012, how did your training differ from previous years, did you implement any new techniques this time round?
No new training techniques were used. Jon Davie from World Gym & Prepared To Win changed my diet after the Worlds in 2010, so two years of correct nutrition was the key.

Your conditioning is always superb, how long do you diet for before and event like this and did you make any dietary changes from past events, is so what were they?
I usually diet for 12 weeks. My diet changed dramatically. I eat the same amount of carbs as previous but only consume them pre, during & post training now. All other meals are protein & high in dietary fats. My fat levels were too low in past years & therefore my hormones were not being regulated optimally. Having access to top quality supplements from MUSASHI for the past 2 years have made getting the correct nutrition & recovery process much easier & therefore adding more muscle while loosing bodyfat.

You are have now earned your Musclemania Pro Status I am sure everyone is keen to know when your first Pro debut will be and are there any areas you are focusing on to bring an even more amazing physique to the Pro Stage?
I am hoping to compete this November in Las Vegas again. I have been working very hard to bring my weaker areas up this past year. My aim is to get a top 5 placing which is going to be very hard due to the high standard & more muscle of the other Pro’s.

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