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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 Issue 6


This issues Cover Models: Ellen Lai Costa & Shawn Vlcek Star Profiles: Figure Athlete Belinda Walker Natural Bodybuilder Graden Leong In the Spotlight Profile on Muscle Model Mark Robinson

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 Issue 6

Star Profile – Figure Star Belinda Walker In this issue we take a look at one of Australia’s top Figure athletes Belinda Walker from South Australia. Belinda shares some of her secrets of success and how she captured some of the biggest titles in the Figure world with only 12 months of training.

Star Profile – Natural Bodybuilding Champion Graden Leong This issue features an inspirational Star Profile on one of Australia’s elite Martial Artists and Natural Physique Star from NSW, the amazing Graden Leong.

Feel Don’t Just Lift! – Weight Training 101 We learn there is much more to weight training than simple throwing around a few heavy weights or performing a few simple lifts!

Staging your Success How to bring your all time best physical condition and presentation to the competition stage by Steve Jones.

Build Impressive Arms with the Triple Tricep Blast Workout Editor Steve Jones shares one of his specialized tricep workouts to help you add some serious size to your triceps.

6 Tips to Make Dieting Easy Learn how to lose all the weight you desire without blowing out your will power. Control of your eating habits don’t let your habits control you!

Inspirational Athlete Profiles Who better to learn from than the best of the best in the fitness industry. This issue features 3 of the best athletes in the business who have shared some of their secrets to help you achieve your dream body.

2013 ANB Asia Pacific Massive 16 Page Event Report This issue features a massive 16 page event report from the 2013 ANB Asia Pacific International Physique, Figure and Fitness Model Championships. wwww.anbasiapacific.com

In The Spotlight with Muscle Model Mark Robinson In this issue we feature Muscle Model from Queensland Mark Robinson.

Musclemania Category Overview With Musclemania Australia close on the horizon we share some information on the various categories that are available for athletes to take part in along with the exciting opportunities up for grabs at this prestigious event to be held on Queenslands Gold Coast in October 2013 Musclemania Australia.

Nutrition Knowledge Centre  Apples Combat Inflammation. Barley may help with weight management. Cocoa the natural brain booster. Mango modulates blood sugar. Serving of meat post workout stimulates muscle growth. Red wine boosts testosterone.

Train Smart Effects of suspension training on Growth Hormone release. Tune up- What is the best music to workout to? Negative offer all the positives! Triple Tricep blast workout by Steve Jones. Supplement Central  Silk Amino Acids for more muscle, more stamina and more testosterone. Meet DMAA’s replacement! Diindolymethane your first defence against estrogen.

Health, Sex Longevity  Walnuts help lower diabetes risk. Stress hormone linked to cardiovascular disease. Eating too fast messes up your insulin balance. Top 3 health benefits of mushrooms. Lack of sleep raises diabetes and obesity risk. Fish for longevity. Vitamin D fends off disease. Xenoestrogens distort natural hormone activity.

Fitness Minds  Noopept- performance for your brain!

Natural Chef  Try our delicious Kangaroo meatloaf with fennel, tomatoes and flaxseed meal.

Plus Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.