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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 6


This issues Cover Models: Ashleigh Reid & Denham Ravi Star Profiles: Figure Super Star  Helen Longmuir Musclemania Pro Morris Mendez

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 6

Star Profile – Figure Super Star Helen Longmuir If you are lacking a little motivation or think you are too old to get in shape take a look at 47 year old Helen Longmuir Mother of Five who competes in 10 Figure Competitions each and every year and does all of this with a full time career in the fitness industry!

Star Profile – Musclemania Pro Morris Mendez  Morris Mendez has one of the most perfect Natural Physiques in the world, we had a chance to catch up with him at the Fitness America Weekend in Vegas so he could share some of his secrets with his Aussie fans.

2011 Asia Pacific International Championships Physique, Figure, Model and Fitness Model 12 Page Report  The Issue you have been waiting for was delayed so that we could include the 2011 ANB Asia Pacific International Championships Report 12-13 June 2011. The 12 page report covers the 2 day event including Physique, Figure, Opens Model and Male & Female Fitness Model Caetgories.

Creating A Wow Factor Physique  Do you know what the most important muscle groups are that really give your body that “Wow” Factor? Discover how you can make your physique stand out in a crowd by targeting these three muscle groups!

Re-Boot Your System with A Liver Detox  The liver is the most important organ in the human body, it processes pretty much everything we ingest including proteins, carbs and various chemicals. Its time for a Detox!

Build & Burn Program By Obi Obadike WBFF World Pro Fitness Model Obi Obadike shares some of his secrets on how to build lean muscle and stay shredded.

BCAA’ s The Ultimate Muscle Building Fat Burning Supplement  Are you constantly searching for that magical supplement that will transform your physique? Look no further BCAA’s hold the key to increased performance, more muscle and enhanced fat burning!

Master Your Workouts Are you tired of searching for that magical weight training program that will work wonders over night? Stop searching as the answer could be much closer than you imagined! It’s time to master your workouts with small changes for big gains.

Nutrition Knowledge Centre Foods that contain water keep you slim. Good news for coffee lovers. Kelp has anti-estrogen effect. 30gms or 90gms of steak, the best choice?

Train Smart Free bench press better than smith machine. Best push-ups achieved with hands close together.

Supplement Central Curcumin – could it be a natural Clenbuterol? L Malate boosts endurance capacity. Cinnamon boosts glucose uptake. Burn more fat with L IsoLeucine.

Health, Sex & Longevity  Blueberries may inhibit fat cell development. More potassium equals more muscle! Is beauty in the whites of the eyes? Coffee may reduce prostate cancer risk.

Fitness Minds  Olive oils brightens your mood. Chewing gums makes you alert, reduces stress!

Competition Corner 12 Page Report on the 2011 ANB Asia Pacific Championships. 2011 event calendar

The Natural Chef Perfect Sweet Sugar Free bake lime cheesecake.

Plus Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.