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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 3


This issues Cover Models: Michelle Fuller & Shawn Vlcek

Star Profiles:
Fitness Model Kirra Longmuir
Inspirational Natural Physique Star Matt Nicholson

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 3

Star Profile – Fitness Model Kirra Longmuir 
In this issue the stunning sports model Kirra Longmuir shares some of her secrets on how she has captured some exceptional placings in both National and International competitions including the recent Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas.

Star Profile – Natural Physique Star  Matt Nicholson 
Celebrating his 100th bodybuilding event at age 47, Matt Nicholson just keeps getting better with age. Discover his secret to ongoing success with this in-depth profile.

Meal Frequency By Kelechi Opara 
Do we really need to eat six meals a day to boost our metabolism? Kelechi Opara explodes the myths about meal frequency why eating too frequently could slow down the muscle building process!

Scale Down – Don’t be misled by how much you weigh! 
Obi Obadike proves that you don’t have to weigh a lot on the scales to have an impressive muscular physique.

One Set VS 3 Sets! The Verdict is in: Discover what really counts 
The long standing argument on how many sets do we need to produce results and how much is too much? Steve Jones explains what really counts if you want results in the gym!

The Stone Age Diet 
Unleash your inner caveman to discover a leaner more muscular physique. We go back to when time began and take a look at how our diet has changed for the worse over the years.

Musclemania & Fitness America Event Report
Back from an incredibly successful trip after competing in the Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas. Full event results and incredible images from the show

Nutrition Knowledge Centre
Carbs raise heart attack risk!
Beets found to boost brain health.
Tea may slim men’s waistlines.
Sugary drinks mistakenly associated with being healthy.

Train Smart
Aerobics & weight training lower blood sugar.
Welcome to Hotel Fat Burning with Simone Lewis.
Weight training for kids is good for them.
Weight training increases HGH in women!

Supplement Central 
Supplement warning: Geranamine brings up red flags and produces positive drug tests!
Chocolate Milk – The new bodybuilding miracle?

Health Sex & Longevity
Peptide Power for wrinkle free youthful skin.
Poor sleep quality prompts inflammation.
Why fat thighs are not as bad as a fat abdomen.
Fish may slash prostate cancer risk.

Fitness Minds 
Are you Empathetic? In a self obsessed sport do you take the time to put yourself in other peoples shoes to see how they feel?

Competition Corner 
Event summary and images of the 2010 ANB & INBA National titles.

Desire To Inspire 
With Pedro Relvas Meet one of the most inspirational men in the world, Pedro Relvas was diagnosed with 3 brain tumours yet has beaten all odds to become an accomplished martial artist, fitness trainer and Natural Bodybuilder.

The Natural Chef 
Are you a chocolate addict try the Perfect Sweet Flourless Chocolate cake.

Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.