Triss Clark In The Spotlight

Bikini Model Triss Clark 

This issue features stunning Bikini Model Triss Clark of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Name: Triss Clark |    Height:  168cm |    Weight: 50kg    |    Age: 19   |    Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Occupation: Beauty Therapist & online Personal Trainer

Years in the fitness industry: 3

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the health and fitness industry?
I never use to be into health and fitness, I hardly ate and never exercised, I was one of those people using every
excuse in the book to get out of sport. My parents (who are ex bodybuilders) and my ex boyfriend really inspired me to get into the gym and improve my eating, after seeing
results physically and mentally I was hooked on this lifestyle!

Competition Titles/ sporting achievements?
INBA Bikini opens – 2nd place
ANB Asia Pacific bikini model – 2nd place
ANB Asia Pacific fitness model – 5th place

What type of diet do you follow leading into an event?
I follow flexible dieting (iifym) all year round, even during competition prep. Eating the foods I love without feeling overly restricted and still getting lean is great!

How many days a week do you train and do you prefer weight training over cardio, what works best for you?
I am currently training 4 days a week, with no cardio. I absolutely hate cardio, and much prefer lifting heavy!

As a successful Bikini Competitor can you share three key points that will help girls looking to compete in their first event?
1. Get a GOOD coach! There are too many coaches out there that have no idea what they are doing, they may have good intentions but that doesn’t mean they are the best person suited to train you! Many coaches take different approaches, its important to find one that works well with you, and is supportive of you! You are the client, paying them, they should be putting your health first over what they may want you doing!

2. I think its really important to build up a good metabolic capacity, because if you start your prep on lower calories, you going to end up with an unhealthy/ unmanageable diet and cardio requirements after 12-18-20 weeks! A good foundation of lean muscle mass is very important. During prep you are maintaining the muscle you have, and just shedding the excess body fat to reveal your muscles. Too many people start out deciding to do a comp, prepping straight away and get disheartened with the way they look, it is very hard (near impossible) to increase muscle mass in a caloric deficit, which is what is required for a competition prep! All the gains happen in offseason, not in prep!

3. PRACTICE your posing, and be confident!

How important is it to maintain a balance in life between work and play, what’s your success mantra?
It is extremely important! Before I followed flexible dieting, I was a hard core ‘clean eater’ the amount of times I would pass up social situations purely because I couldn’t stray away from my meal plan was ridiculous. But now I enjoy a meal out with friends guilt free as I have a rough idea of what I am eating still fits within my required daily calorie and macronutrient goals.

How has being involved in the Fitness Industry changed your life?
It has changed my life for the better because I am a much stronger, healthier and happier person now!

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