Steph Coburn In The Spotlight

Steph Coburn of Victoria features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 issue 1 In the Spotlight Profile.

Occupation: Makeup Artist, Personal training student, full time at Genesis Fitness.
Years in the fitness industry: 2 year and loving it.

What made you get into fitness modeling?
I decided to take the leap into fitness modelling after I lost quite a lot of weight! I previously weighed 80kgs and was a size 14. I was not fit at all and ate ALL the wrong foods. One day I decided enough was enough and started researching clean eating recipes and got a personal trainer. This really helped keep me accountable for what I ate and keep on top of my training. I started training just 3 days a week and this is where the magic started! I got to 60kgs and then decided let’s step it up a bit and started prepping for my first fitness competition! I would always look on social media sites of fitness competitions for inspiration and truly admired how much
determination and passion these people had for life and what they did 🙂 Now I can happily say I’m a fitness addict and can’t wait
for future competitions.

Competition Titles/achievements?
I am quite new to the fitness industry and have competed in 3 fitness modelling competitions. My favourite definitely being the ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Modelling Championships on the Gold Coast organised and hosted by Steve and Antonietta Jones. It was an incredible experience and so surreal meeting my fitness model idols such as Melissa Le Man. I placed 11th out of 32 amazing competitors and was so happy with my placing considering it was my first international competition and the women I competed against we’re just amazing!!

What type of diet do you follow leading into a Fitness Modeling event?
The diet I followed was created for my by my amazing competition prep coach Kathy Villa and would change every time my body needed it. My diet mostly consisted of lean proteins, fresh vegetables and low GI carbohydrates. Below is a standard day for me;
MEAL 1: Oats and one serving of protein powder
MEAL 2: 3 soy and linseed corn thins with cottage cheese
MEAL 3: 180g of chicken breast,green beans and sweet potato
MEAL 4: 4 egg whites and a bunch of asparagus
MEAL 5: 200g white fish and green beans
POST WORKOUT SNACK: small banana or 125g of strawberries and a protein shake

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