Sally Bell In The Spotlight

Sally Bell In The Spotlight

This issue features stunning Bikini Model Sally Bell of Adelaide, South Australia. Name: Sally Bell |    Height:  170cm |    Weight: 56kg    |    Age: 23   |    Location: Adelaide, South Australia. Occupation: Personal Trainer

Years in the fitness industry: 3

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the health and fitness industry? Once starting in the gym and getting the hang of it, I started to become addicted! I loved the feeling post training, feeling strong and I wanted to learn more and more as time went on, so I studied for 12 months to become a trainer, while working in 2 gyms for experience in the admin side of things. I then started my on business – Sculpted By Sally.

Competition Titles/ sporting achievements? ANB SA June 2013, 2nd Place Bikini ANB SA October 2013, 1st Place Bikini ANB SA May 2014, 2nd Place Bikini INBA SA May, 2014, 2nd Place Bikini ANB Asia Pacific International 2014, 2nd Place Bikini Tall

What type of diet do you follow leading into an event? I always have a diet with a huge variety. Leading into my competitions I am just stricter with portion control and ensuring my body responds well to diet, so that I am not incorporating a huge amount of cardio. So calories will change depending on how well I respond to my diet each week. I choose to consume whole foods to nourish my body, help my recovery and keep energy levels high.

How many days a week do you train and do you prefer weight training over cardio, what works best for you? WEIGHT TRAINING! I would lift weights any day over a run! My weight Split is 6 days, with 1 FULL rest day. In my split I always train legs twice, shoulders, back, bis and tri, and chest and core. Ill then do 1 HIIT training session a week on the treadmill.

You made incredible improvements in your body and stage presence from 2013 to 2014. What do you feel contributed the most to your improvements over the past 12 months? As far as stage presence its all about PRACTICE. Working with your best assets and disguising your weaknesses. Learning to pose in a way that shows you off the best! I would practice in my studio a few times a week. I have recovered from some injuries during the 2 shows, meaning I started to squat properly and lift some decent weights on Leg days. My legs were, and still is something that I can always be improving.

How important is it to maintain a balance in life between work and play, what’s your success mantra? I believe it’s the most important thing. I work with over 50 girls everyday trying to reach their goals, plus working on my own, so it’s a big thing for me to take that time out every day to get out of the gym, out of gym clothes and relax or do something ‘normal’. Sometimes people forget that you’re just another person that needs time out too! Just because you’re a trainer doesn’t mean you have to live and breathe gym/fitness/competing 24/7.

How has being involved in the Fitness Industry changed your life? Its completely changed my life. I work my dream job, with amazing clients that I get to help feel amazing every day. I love challenging myself, and the best place to relieve stress is also my favorite place to be happy! – THE GYM!

Favourite motivational quote? As my Instagram name says – In competition with myself. The only thing should be aiming for – to be better than you were yesterday.

Future goals/events in the Fitness Industry? At this stage I am working on my clients, business and dedicating time to educate as many girls as I can about a healthy life balance through my fellow sisters at Muscleworx For Her. But I plan to be back on stage bigger and better in 2015 at the  Asia Pacific International once again!

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