Renee Brady In The Spotlight

Renee Brady of Newcastle Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 issue 4 In the Spotlight Profile. Ms Bikini™ Australia Overall Winner 2013 Occupation: Personal trainer and studying Occupational Therapy at University.

Years in the fitness industry: 2 years

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the health and fitness industry? I always struggled with weight and body image as a child so it meant a lot to me to make that lifestyle change. I admired all the women with strong physiques rather than the unrealistic skinny “perfect body”. I started training weights with Sheree Harris, and also Brooke Dunlop (current trainer), and quickly developed a passion for the strict lifestyle. I decided to compete to prove to myself I could do it and that I could do it well.

Competition Titles/ sporting achievements? 2012 ANB Newcastle Classic – open model 1st place. 2013 INBA Dubbo – fitness model 1st place. 2013 ANB Asia Pacific –Tall Fitness model 3rd place, and Tall Sports Model 4th place. 2013 Muscle Mania – Tall Model Australia 4th place, Tall Miss Bikini Australia 1st place, and Miss Bikini Australia Overall Champion.

What type of diet do you follow leading into an event? Very strict, disciplined and timely eating routine which consists of low carbs, high protein, and moderate levels of fats. Some of my foods are oats, sweet potato or brown rice, and lean white meat 5 times a day (mainly fish, chicken), and lots of green veg with every meal.

How many days a week do you train and do you prefer weight training over cardio, what works best for you? I love my training so I’ll train 6 days a week for about 2 hrs. I use to LOVE my cardio but now you’d have to feed me chocolate to make me run. I’m a massive weights girl. When I come in to the last few weeks of prep, I always keep my cardio in and most weights sessions become controlled, high rep sessions.

2013 was a big year of achievements for you with the Overall Bikini Australia title how did it feel to come out on top against such a tough line up of girls? It still feels surreal. I always aimed high with those intentions of having an Australian Title but didn’t think the success would come so quickly. I feel blessed to have such an amazing support team including my family, Sponsors Body Beyond, and my coach Brooke Dunlop that helped me every step of the way. Every one of those girls at Muscle Mania had put in so much hard work and sacrifice I can relate to so it was an honour to be on a stage with some of Australia’s best natural athletes.

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