Milla Boulden Star Profile

2015 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific Bikini Model Champion Milla Boulden  features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 4 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Name: Milla Boulden

Date of birth/star sign:
27/03/1969 – Aries

Birth Place: Sydney, NSW.

Country/state you live: NSW, Australia.

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Colour eyes: Light Brown

Height: 165cm

Attached/unattached: Attached.

Family: Father-Steven, Mother-Christine 1 older Sister- Sindy and 1 younger sister- Jessica

Do you have pets?
Sure do! Had horses all my life up until recently, so now just 2 dogs and a kitten!

Favourite car:
My Jeep Wrangler.

Favourite colour:
Can I have two. Pink and black.

Contest/off season weight:
52- 53kgs – 57/58kg

Personal trainer at Virgin Active Moore Park.

The Gym, and of course my horse riding and snowboarding.

First off congratulations on your success at the 2015 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International where you took first place in the Junior Bikini Class and runner up in the Open Bikini Class. Can you describe the experience and how it felt to capture these amazing placings?
Thanks so much. Thank you for putting on such a great event!
The 2015 Asia Pacific meant a lot to me. I was aiming to improve on my placing of 3rd the previous year, and bring an overall improved package to the stage. This was the toughest prep I have done to date as within my prepping time I had both surgery and a knee injury to cope with. So one word to describe my placings? RELIEVED! And super proud that even though the road to stage wasn’t easy. I managed to get there and even better, managed to win! Best feeling ever.

Let’s jump back to where it all began for you. How did you get into fitness and competing in Bikini Model events? Were you involved in any other sports prior to getting into fitness events?
This is a funny story actually! I have always been involved in sport. I competed at a high level for equestrian riding and snowboarding throughout my teenage years. However when I was about 16 I decided to drop all my sports because ‘socialising’ became more important than anything else. Due to this naïve decision of mine. I stacked on the weight. To the point where I couldn’t stand looking at photos of myself anymore. Here’s where I made the best decision of my life… I got myself a trainer and began lifting weights in the gym!

I started slowly and soon enough I had dropped 12 kg and was looking for my next challenge. A friend of mine was competing in a national bikini comp so I decided to go see what it was all about. I was mesmerised by the amazing bodies I saw that day and ever since I have been hooked!

Turns out exactly 1 year later at that very same competition, I took out first place and won myself a national title at the age of 17. I have now competed in every season since with APACS being my 10th show! Anything really is possible when you put your mind to it!

When it comes to competing how many weeks of prep do you undertake to get stage ready and did you do anything different leading into this year’s Asia Pacifics that you can share with our readers?
I generally start my prep about 10-12 weeks out of a show, depending on how I am looking in my offseason. This year’s main difference defiantly would have been with my diet. This year I prepped with (Mel and Lucky from Adrenaline HQ for the very first time. As my coaches they had planned my nutrition for each day coming into the event with detail and precision depending on how I looked. This made a huge difference as opposed to following a pre planned diet that doesn’t take into account your current condition.

What is your philosophy on exercise, do you prefer weight training over cardio or a combination of both. Basically what works best for you?
Are they’re people that really prefer cardio? Ha ha I defiantly prefer my weight training however know I need to incorporate both. In my offseason I train heavy weights 5-6 days per week and like to do about 2 – 3 cardio steady state sessions as well.

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