Michael Kay Star Profile

Michael Kay of Sydney Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 issue 2 In the Spotlight Profile.

Construction Assessment Team Leader in Planning & Building.

Years in the fitness industry: Two years.

What made you get into fitness modeling?     
One word..Ssugar Shaun….. he suggested it, and inspired me, but it all started with traveling to the Muscle Mania Vegas Competition with the Natural Bodz Team competitors two years in a row… in support of my other good friend Sasho Ognenovski and the team. I was in awe, and I fell in love with training again.

Describe your first experience in the world of Fitness Modeling at the 2012 ANB Asia Pacific Titles?   
The very first moment I walked on stage, with my cossie was literally nerve racking because I was not use to that kind of exposure. Though a lot of fun, by the evening’s end, with the finishing of the evening wear I felt a lot more
comfortable. The experience of being on stage, competing with the best of the best in the fitness industry was priceless and the guys behind stage were all supportive and friendly.

Competition Titles/ achievements?    
Well, I must admit I’m new to all this,  so far to date was placing 5th in the Men’s over 30’s Fitness Model Category at age 45 & 2 days.
Then making the trip to Las Vegas with Team Natural Bodz and placing 3rd in the Model America Classic class against a tough line up of international models.
I also placed 5th in the 2013 ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships in the Male Fitness Model O30 Class.

How long did it take you to prepare for your first Fitness Model event?  
I won’t lie, but I had been dieting (well eating clean) for over a year prior to the 2012 ANB Asia Pacific Titles to re jig my metabolism. Then about 16 weeks out, the dieting got serious. I never ate well for 10 years prior to getting into this lifestyle; my body was in constant withdrawal and didn’t want to change.

You were one of the oldest competitors in the Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships and looked absolutely amazing. Do you feel that many guys over 40 tend to give up on Fitness?  
Thank you Steve, it certainly took a lot of hard work to get there, let me assure you, a lot of cardio sessions and believe it or not 6 days a week in the gym. Yes getting back to your answer, and I feel that it is because as we get older, depending on life’s circumstances, and where you are with family, finding the time to train is hard. Many find solace in sitting in front of the box, eating fast food and drinking alcohol or soft drinks instead of going to the gym and getting a euphoric experience.

How has fitness changed your life?  
Fitness has definitely changed my view on the way I experience life, as I feel a lot healthier, livelier and energetic at work and around the home. I also enjoy being the older guy with abs in the gym. People now take me more serious as they have witnessed the progress I have made.