Melissa Le Man Star Profile

Melissa Le Man of Queensland Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 issue 2 as a Star Profile Athlete.


Melissa Le Man has a love and passion for the health & fitness industry that is truly infectious. Her passion for helping others achieve their personal health and fitness goals is implemented through her business Greater Health that she runs with her partner Sonny Brown.  More importantly she practices what she preaches, just take a look at these stunning images! They were captured at the 2012 Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships and the media day prior to the event.

Melissa has been kind enough to share some of her secrets on applying a holistic approach to not only getting into great shape but staying in shape all year round. To say she is a great ambassador for health and fitness would be an understatement. She lives & breathes health and fitness and her energy to help others achieve their goals are boundless.

Melissa recently took out 1st place in the 2013 ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships in the Female Fitness U30 Class. Melissa encompasses the true meaning of the world “Fitness Model” read on and you will soon get a clearer picture.

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