Matt Nicholson Star Profile

Matt Nicholson of Victoria features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 issue 3 as a Star Profile athlete.

Masters Muscle

Forty Seven year old Matt Nicholson from Victoria is no ordinary bodybuilder, he has cracked the Australian record books for competing in 100 bodybuilding events over the course of his competitive career! His achievements reach across all organisations and his passion for competing is stronger than ever. 

This is a man who lives and loves the lifestyle and is a true inspiration for those over 40 year old’s who think they are over the hill and ready to throw in the towel. Every time I see Matt compete he improves so this goes to show there is no age limit to the benefits that can be achieved from the Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Lifestyle. Prepare to be inspired by this true gentlemen and champion of our sport.