Marybeth Paul Star Profile

Marybeth Paul of Massachusetts USA features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 issue 4 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Look out 007, Marybeth Paul has all the class, poise and style of a Bond Girl and she not only looks amazing she is one tough cookie.

At 48 years young she has had three C-sections, two ventral hernia repair operations after the birth of her last child, a ruptured Achilles’ tendon and medial gastroc tear-which led to some nerve damage and on top of all that  she is currently recovering from a torn labrum repair!

Any mere mortal would have simply thrown in the towel after all these injuries – Not Marybeth, she hit the stage at the 2012 Fitness America Weekend captured both the Figure America Masters Title and the Bikini America Masters Title. Back to back victories for this stunning mother of three from Massachusetts, USA.

Marybeth’s journey into health and fitness began in school where she was a gymnast between the ages of 10-17. She then moved on to track and field and did very well, winning Divisional State meets and breaking her High School Record (which she still holds 30 years later). She earned a scholarship at Boston College for high jump and hurdles. While there, she started weight training and found her body responded extremely well to her gym sessions.

After college, she continued to work out, bike, run, and the like. She was part of the 80’s & 90’s aerobics and step era. She became a personal trainer after her 3rd child and under the guidance of Kim Audette Wagner she entered her very first Figure Competition. The rest is pretty much history, but no ordinary history as what Marybeth has achieved despite the breaks, tears and ruptures of life is nothing short of extraordinary!

At 48 years young her achievements are truly inspirational. She hasn’t stopped yet, her plans are to hit the Fitness America Weekend Pro Figure class later this year in Las Vegas.

Read on…. Marybeth is the Boss when it comes to overcoming anything that’s thrown at her….