Mark Robinson In the Spotlight

Mark Robinson of Queensland Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 issue 6 In the Spotlight Profile.

Occupation:  Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Years in the fitness industry:  2 years

What made you get into fitness modeling?
Fitness Modelling for me provides a bridge between the theoretical side of health and the practice of health; for me a fitness model resembles a healthy lifestyle of appropriate knowledge, necessary characteristics for success (self-discipline, enthusiasm, patience, commitment) and combining these into real life practice to demonstrate ‘health’ in a visually appealing way.  Though my parents tell me I was posing and cat-walking from the age of three…so maybe it was always just inherent within me.

Competition Titles/achievements?
2006 Manhunt Gold Coast – Winner, Nationals – 3rd Place, Nationals Swimwear – Winner 2010 ANB Qld Titles – 3rd Place U80kg 2010 NABBA Qld Titles – 3rd Place U80kg 2012-2013 Fitness Model and Nutritional Contributing Editor 2013 ANB Asia Pacific International – 2nd Place Muscle Model 2013 ANB Asia Pacific International – 3rd Place U80kg Bodybuilding

What type of diet do you follow leading into a Fitness Modeling event?
Fortunately I enjoy clean foods and thus my diet is well balanced all year round. Of course this comes with the profession of a Dietitian as I feel a responsibility to practice what I preach day in and day out and therefore ‘look the part’. Though 6 weeks out from an event or photo shoot I like to make a few changes to my general diet, which revolve around creating a shock to the system to speed up metabolism; increasing green vegetables to at least 5 cups daily, removing dairy apart from occasional ‘Chobani’ fat free natural yoghurt, reducing Carbohydrate portions and eliminating them totally from dinners as well as restricting choices to only oats, brown rice, sweet potato, corn, beans and quinoa, and increasing Protein portions and frequency so as to provide muscle gains whilst losing fat.

How many days a week do you train and what do you feel is more important when it comes to achieving a fitness model body, weight training or cardio?
I typically train 6 days a week, resting (and meal prepping) on a Sunday. Though I don’t necessarily believe I need to be training so often, rather I do it because I love it – it is my sport and social time. I believe weight training is more important for me, though I still always include at least one maximal intensity spin class a week and one body pump toning class a week. The type of weight training I follow is strength based going as heavy as possible for 10 reps one week, 8 reps the next, 6 reps the next and lastly 4 reps, before beginning the cycle again only heavier. I credit my training partner & personal trainer Rob Quatro (FreedomPT) for this style of training, which I have reaped rewards from.

How has fitness changed your life? Fortunately, fitness has always been a part of my life through sport, sports coaching, gym training, Fitness Modelling and Bodybuilding. Fitness provides me with friendships and a sense of belonging to a team, fitness provides goals to keep me motivated, fitness teaches me commitment and dedication, fitness breads discipline in all areas of my life, and fitness gives me confidence and provides me with rewards for hard work.