Laura DeBenedictis In the Spotlight

Laura DeBenedicitis of Sydney Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 issue 5 In the Spotlight Profile.Occupation: Assistant General Manager / Marketing & Events Manager.

Years in the fitness industry: 15 months

What made you get into fitness modeling? It was a combination of things that lead me into the world of fitness modeling. I guess the biggest thing was the want to change my lifestyle & quit smoking. Everything I do must be done to the extreme, so naturally wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle meant competing. I only started training 15 months ago, but in that short amount of time I have completely changed physically and mentally. There’s no turning back.

Competition Titles / Achievements: 1st Show: 2011 Asia Pacific International Female Fitness Model Under 30 Years  4th Place 2nd Show: 2011 WNBF Best Body Swimsuit 2nd Place 3rd Show: 2011 INBA  NSW Sydney Sports Model 1st Place 4th Show: 2011 ANB Nationals Female Fitness Model 2nd Place

Greatest achievements to date? My greatest achievement to date would have to be making the decision to change my life and sticking to it. I’m truly addicted to this sport… it’s a long way from where I was.

How has fitness changed your life? Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. I love feeling empowered and full of energy. It’s part of everyday routine to leading a happier and healthy life. Laura also featured as a Natural Bodz Cover Model in Volume 4 Issue 5 of Australian Natural Bodz magazine.