Julian Navarro Star Profile

2013 Musclemania® Pro Julian Navarro features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 issue 5 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Pro Bodybuilding Champion

Name: Julian Navarro

Nickname: The Prodigy

Date of birth/star sign: 01/15/1991 – Capricorn

Country/state you live: Pennsylvania, United States

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Colour eyes: Brown

Height: 5”8

Family, brothers, sisters? I am the youngest of three children. I have two older sisters and I just became an uncle! I am pretty excited about that, definitely something new.

Do you have pets? I have two cats, one name Sophia and the other is Evee. I also have a red eared slider (turtle) named Missy.

Favourite car: My favourite car as of now is the Dodge Challenger. I also really want a mini cooper too, but I feel like I would look absurd getting out of one.

Favourite colour: Black….I’m partially colour blind so keeping it simple like that helps me out.

Contest Weight:   My last contest weight was 174lbs (79 kilos), I am planning on showing up to the 2014 Fitness Universe around 185lbs (84 Kilos).

Off Season Weight: For off season I used to do a “dirty bulk” eating 5 healthy meals and my remaining three meals would be anything I wanted…this wasn’t very practical  as I would get up to the 200-220lbs range and this is very taxing on the body as well. So recently I decided to stick with lean bulking and my body as responded tremendously to it, right now I weigh 182lbs. Occupation:     Full Time Student, Part-time Concierge

Hobbies/interests: Bodybuilding, Biking, Baking, Video Games, and other sports recreational sports (basketball, soccer or football, American Football) To discover Julian’s secrets to success in the world of Natural Bodybuilding grab a copy of Volume 6 Issue 5 either from your local news agent or online Click here for details.

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