Joel Ramintas Star Profile

Joel Ramintas of South Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 issue 5 as a Star Profile Athlete.

A very nervous Joel Ramintas stepped on stage for the very first time as a junior back in 1996. He said he was so nervous at that event even though he went on to win the title.  This was just the beginning of his incredible journey into the world of Natural Bodybuilding….

Joel went on to win just about every majorNatural Bodybuilding Title in the book, his titles include:
4 x INBA Mr Australia
2 x ANB Mr Australia
2 x Mr Olympia Short Division
Mr Olympia Natural Overall Winner 2011

Joel encompasses what the sport of Natural Bodybuilding is all about, size, symmetry, shape and mind blowing conditioning.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing Joel a number of times on stage and I was truly impressed .
Joel trains under the guidance of the great Nick Jones Founder of Gen-Tec Nutrition.  I am sure Nick like the rest of us is incredibly proud of what this young man has achieved in the sport of Natural Bodybuilding. No doubt there will be many more victories to come…..