Isaac Lappin In the Spotlight

Isaac Lappin  of Queensland Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 issue 4 In the Spotlight Profile.Occupation: Floorhand – Drilling Rig & Personal Trainer.

Years in the fitness industry: This year will be my 2nd year competing in fitness modeling. With the feed back & experience I had last year learning more on nutrition & training, I am looking forward to showing my improvements I’ve made in the past year.

What made you get into fitness modeling? I’ve competed 2 years of modelling through Manhunt Australia – I never knew about fitness modeling until I discovered Natural Bodz and saw an advert for the ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Modeling Championships & I decided that was perfect for me – I’m not big like a bodybuilder but I have created a lean fit body from being a fitness freak.

Competition Titles / Achievements: 5th – ANB Fitness Model 2nd – QLD INBA Sport Model Top 5 – INBA Universe Sport Model Cover of Australian Natural Bodz Muscle prodigy – prodigy of the month Australian Outback Gridiron Team

How has fitness changed your life? I have always been into fitness – from a background in rugby league, distant running & triathlons till 2008. I broke both L4 disks of my Lumber, with recovery & rehab I started sprinting & felt more powerful & strong. With a P.B of 10.4 – fitness has created a new life for me, there are so many incredible benefits and so much to learn. I don’t understand why more people don’t choose to get involved.