Hector Olivera In the Spotlight

Hector Olivera of Sydney Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 issue 4 In the Spotlight Profile.

Occupation:  Employment Disability services / part- time Personal trainer

Years in the fitness industry:  5 years

What made you get into fitness modeling?
In 2009 I did my first bodybuilding competition under novice level and placed 3rd which I was stoked with being that it was the first time that I ever competed. Then in October 2011 I took a year’s break to learn more about my body and condition myself before competing again. A friend of mine who was helping me with my preparation told me I should try competing in fitness modeling, which was 1 day prior to the bodybuilding competition. This was about 3-4 weeks out from competition. I started to do my research to see what was required to be a fitness model and what it was all about . After watching a few videos from previous competitions under the ANB federation I decided that’s what I really fit into…. Ever since my first competition in October 2011 and placing first under the ANB national’s, I have never looked back and it has been an awesome experience and journey.

Competition Titles/achievements?
2009 ANB Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Open 3rd place
2011 Oxygen ANB Fitness Model over 30’s – 1st place
2012 INBA City Nationals Fitness Model 1st place
2012 ANB Asia Pacific Male Fitness Model over 30’s 1st place
2012 INBA Australian Championships 3rd place
2012 ANB Australian Fitness Model over 30’s 2nd place
2013 ANB Asia Pacific Male Fitness Model over 30’s 2nd place

What type of diet do you follow leading into a Fitness Modeling event?
My diet is quiet simple and complements my training routine leading towards a Fitness Model event day, relatively low carbs and higher protein intake, always taking my essential supplements and
vitamin’s to go along with my foods. I always try to base my diet more on foods than taking all sorts of supplements, fat burners and pre workouts… keeping your body nice and clean and functioning like it’s supposed to.

How many days a week do you train and what do you feel is more important weight training or cardio when it comes to achieving a fitness model body?
I normally train 5-6 days a week. Most of the time leading to a Fitness Model show I like to combine both cardio in the mornings, and weights in the afternoon when getting ready for an event. I believe both cardio and weights complement each other in order to achieve the right fitness model physique.

How has fitness changed your life?
Fitness has opened many doors for myself. I have been very fortunate to experience and meet many people along the way that have taught me great things in order for me to achieve my goals. There is simply nothing greater than to be a part of an industry that I truly enjoy.