Dickens Lambert Star Profile

Dickens Lambert of Quebec Canada features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 issue 4 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Canadian Muscle- Dickens Lambert

Canadian born Dickens Lambert starting working out with weights at 17 years of age to build some muscle and strength for his chosen sport of the soccer. Two short years later he was standing on stage in his very first Bodybuilding event. From this point on the rest is history, but no ordinary history.

Through sheer discipline and years of hard work he moved on to become a Musclemania Pro capturing the 2009 Musclemania World Championships in Las Vegas and the 2012 Musclemania Universe in Miami. Dickens physique is pure class, combining beautiful aesthetics with razor sharp conditioning. In fact he is probably one of the most conditioned competitors ever to grace any bodybuilding stage in the world!

He runs his own personal training business in Montreal where he offers both one on one training and also an online service for those seeking assistance with their training and diet. You can check out his official website here www.bio3fitness.ca Be prepared to be inspired by one of the most impressive Natural Physiques in the World…. and the Universe!