Daniel Johnson In the Spotlight

Daniel Johnson of Sydney Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 issue 6 In the Spotlight Profile. Occupation: Wall and Floor Tiler – Owner and Operator / Personal Trainer

Years in the fitness industry: I started lifting weights as part of my football training in my mid-teens; however, I only started combining my weight training with good nutrition about 2 years ago.

How was your first experience in the world of Fitness Modeling events? It was Inspiring, motivating, rewarding and most of all fun.

What made you get into fitness modelling?  After I stopped playing football at a representative level about 5 years ago, I continued weight training, but found I couldn’t take my physique to the next level without a goal to train for. Competitions such as the ANB Asia Pacific gave me a purpose to maintain a solid nutrition plan. Also, with me starting to build my Personal training business, I believe I’m the best advertisement to perspective clients, so being in competition shape is a must.

Competition Titles / achievements? 2012 INBA Dubbo International – 1st Place 2012 ANB Asia Pacific – 2nd Place

How long did it take you to prepare for your first Fitness Model event? I cleaned my diet up 6-7 weeks out from my first comp and started to introduce 3 xHIIT sessions per week from 4 weeks out. This combined with my usual high intensity weight sessions worked well for me.

How has fitness changed your life? Fitness has always been a large part of my life since I was young, probably from having a mother who encouraged me to play whatever sport I wanted to. But more recently having fitness comps to aim for has certainly given me a more holistic and consistent approach to my health and fitness.