Claire Morgan In the Spotlight

Claire Morgan of Sydney Australia features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 4 issue 3 In the Spotlight Profile.

Occupation: Freelance writer/PR specialist.Retail assistant at Lululemon Athletica MidCity and GNC LiveWell Bondi.

Years in the fitness industry: I still consider myself new to the fitness world and picked up my first set of weights in 2009. I plan on being involved for many years to come. Health and fitness are definitely in my future.

What made you get into fitness modeling? Unlike many fitness models, I was not particularly athletic in my childhood and my priority was study rather than sports.  However I have always been interested in fitness and nutrition. At University I became intrigued by fitness modeling and loved the toned physiques of the women involved. I was lacking motivation to go to the gym, so in 2009 I set myself the goal of competing in a sports model competition. After attending the Pro Model Workshop by Deanne Murphy and going to watch a show, I was inspired. With no experience in resistance training and very little muscle, I began building my body from scratch and haven’t looked back!

Competition Titles:

2011: INBA Sydney Titles- 1st place Overall Sports Model ANB Asia-Pacific Championships- 9th place (of 24) Female Fitness Model Under 35s. WNBF NSW Titles- 3rd place Best Body Swimsuit WNBF Asia-Pacific Championships- 3rd place Best Body Swimsuit

2010: WNBF World Championships (New York City)- 6th place Best Body Swimsuit *In 2010 I lived in Milan, Italy. I consider training and dieting for competition by myself in a foreign country (not to mention one with such amazing food) to be a great personal achievement.

2009: WNBF NSW Titles – 3rd place Best Body Swimsuit WNBF Asia-Pacific Championships Best Body Swimsuit

How has fitness changed your life? Fitness has changed my life in many ways. It has given me greater respect for my body. Through having a healthy, fit lifestyle I have learnt how vital it is to fuel my body with good nutrition and to have adequate rest. Training has given me more energy and I feel stronger in both body and mind.