Billie Paea Star Profile

Musclemania® Australia Middle Weight Winner Billie Paea features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 issue 4 as a Star Profile Athlete. 

Pro Natural Bodybuilder

Billie Paea is a Personal Trainer based in Canberra. His journey into the world of Bodybuilding was inspired by his Dad who also had a great physique and owned a gym in the 1980’s. Billie admired the likes of Arnold and Franco Columbo. He was involved with a lot of sports in his early years from touch rugby, rugby and athletics. He was a 100m sprinter having represented a small island in the pacific called Niue at 3 commonwealth games and Pacific games. Billie is also an accomplished dancer.

Now, who said Bodybuilders can’t dance! Billie has been a Hip Hop dancer since 2001. He was also trained in both contemporary and cultural dance in New Zealand and created Dziah Dance Company a Hip Hop based dance company where he creates opportunities for kids that want to get into dancing but can not afford classes. Dziah Dance Company has sent 100’s of kids to the USA to realize their dreams at the World Hip Hop Championships. Billie captured a Silver Medal in 2006 as part of the Dziah Crew.

He has a passion for dance and still teaches Hip Hop dance classes in Australia. Billie’s dance skill are apparent when he hits the Bodybuilding stage where he incorporates some of his Hip Hop moves into a very entertaining posing routine. Billie is now focusing a good part of his energy to his Personal Training Business where he helps others reach their health and fitness goals no matter how big or small they may be. We caught up with Billie and asked him to share some of his secrets of success with Natural Bodz readers. If you get the opportunity to witness Billie at a Bodybuilding event….You are in for an amazing display of muscle meets Hip Hop that shakes the theater!