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Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 Issue 5 (Digital Only)


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This issues Cover Models:¬†Drea Rose and Joshua Hohua¬†Star Profiles: Stacy O’Connell, Allahna Carman, Raman Kesha. Paul Gibney¬†¬†Event report : 2016 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific


Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 Issue 5

Our Cover Models: This issues Cover features two of Australia’s brightest talents in the Fitness Industry, Bikini Champion Drea Rose and Pro Fitness Model Joshua Hohua.¬†Both these images were captured by Editor Steve Jones at last years Musclemania Australia/Natural Bodz Media Shoot. Drea won her class in the 2015 Bikini Australia in her very first stage debut and has appeared as a Profile athlete in a previous edition of Natural Bodz Magazine. Josh is the founder and director of Elite Physiques Australia based on the Gold Coast, he won the Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International Fitness Model Class in 2014 and competed in Las Vegas in the Fitness America Weekend. Last year he returned to the Asia Pacific Stage in the Natural Bodz Pro League where he won the Male Fitness Model Category. We have four EPIC and truly inspirational features on some of Australia’s top Natural Athletes including Pro Fitness Models Stacy O’Connell and Allahna Carman. Plus we have the incredible Raman Kesha winner of dual titles at last years Asia Pacific. On top of this we have an inspiring story on Grand Masters Champion Paul Gibney. We have Feature Editorial content from Editor Steve Jones on the fundamentals of how to achieve a truly shredded, aesthetic physique. PLUS a great feature article from our regular contributor from the USA, George L Redmon titled – Adrenal Exhaustion- Created in the throes of over training. A must read if you are feeling tired and struggling to get through your workouts. If that‚Äôs not enough we have a massive 24¬†page event feature on the 2016 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International,¬†includes a ton of incredible images to get you inspired and motivated to hit the gym harder than ever. Enjoy the issue and be sure to follow our fan pages on www.facebook.com/naturalbodzmagazine www.instagram.com/naturalbodz IN THIS ISSUE: Fitness Newz: News and views on all the hot topics in the fitness industry. Nutrition Knowledge Centre: High blood sugar levels makes you look older. Cocoa makes you more alert. Boiled VS Fried vegetables. Spinach compound counters food cravings. Tomato juice trims waist. Feature:¬†INSTAMUSCLE – 5 Fundamentals you need to now to achieve a shredded aesthetic physique, by editor Steve Jones Editor Steve Jones¬†shares some of his knowledge on how to really tap into your true potential. Star Profile: Pro Fitness Model Stacy O’Connell This issue we ask Fitness Pro Stacy O‚ÄôConnell all the right questions so we can share some of her secrets to success on nutrition, training and that all important winning mind set. Feature¬†Report:¬†2016 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific¬†Event Report 24 massive pages showcasing the incredible talent that took top honors at last years Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International Championships on the Gold Coast. Feature¬†Article:¬†Paul Gibney – Smashing through the age barrier and beyond! If you are lacking a little inspiration and motivation this is a must read. This man has been in the industry for over 30 years and gets better with age, prepare to be inspired. Feature¬†Article:¬†Ripped and Thermogenic to The Core Regular feature article contributor George L Redmon shares some important insight into the latest fat burning ingredients shown to enhance thermogenic activity and get you ripped and ready for the summer months ahead. Feature Star Profile : Muscle Model Raman Kesha Gold Coast based Raman Kesha smashed onto the competitive scene in 2016 taking out two top titles in the Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International, Muscle Model and Physique. Raman shares some of his secrets of success that enabled him to take out two of the toughest categories in the business. Train Smart: How to make your training three to five times more effective! Gym Gainz: Get Creative but not too creative. Rest less between sets to boost testosterone. How many times a week should we train each muscle group? Supplement Central: Effects of BCAA‚Äôs on muscles appear to be dose dependent. Shilajit boost testosterone. Curcumin ‚Äď More glycogen, less lactic acid and more stamina. Feature Star Profile:¬†Pro Fitness Model Allahna Carman This young lady has taken the Fitness World by storm taking out her category at last years Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International and also making her mark on the Fitness America Weekend stage in Las Vegas.Allahna was kind enough to share some of her knowledge on training, nutrition and contest prep in this issue. Health, Sex and Longevity: Ashwagandha improves sex drive for women. Less meals per day delays aging process. Low inflammatory diet protects against cancer. Feature Article: Adrenal Exhaustion – Developed in the throes of over training Yet another in depth and educational article by feature contributor George L Redmon PHD looking into the effects of adrenal exhaustion and how it can impair your progress in and out of the gym. Natural Chef: Healthy egg roll in a bowl ¬†

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