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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 Issue 1


This issues Cover Models:¬†Bec Giuliani & Zac Meredith¬†Star Profiles: Bikini Universe‚ĄĘ Pro Jessica Vasquez, ¬†Zac Meredith Musclemania¬ģ Australia Junior Physique Champion.¬†¬†In the Spotlight Profile¬†with¬†Bikini Model Sally Bell.


Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 Issue 1

Our Cover Models: This issue features two¬†of¬†Australia’s top Natural Athletes¬†Fitness Model¬†Bec Giuliani¬†of Tasmania¬†and Zac Meredith of Queensland.¬†Kristina placed 3rd¬†in the 2014 ¬†Asia Pacific Fitness Modeling Championships and Zac took first place in the¬†Musclemania¬ģ Australia Junior Physique Class¬†at the 2014 Musclemania Australia event held on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The images featured on this cover were captured at the Natural Bodz Media Day Shoot by Editor Steve Jones. Both Bec¬†and Zac¬†are now back into full training mode for the 2015 contest season, watch out for these two amazing athletes.¬†You can follow both of these athletes through their social media links below.

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Nutrition Knowledge Centre:
Cacao Extends life Expectancy Lose Weight With Chlorophyll A recipe for healthy weight loss Boost Performance With Beet Juice Post workout Meaty Treat that builds Muscle Green Tea Rejuvenates Skin.

Feature: Weak Point Training РShoulders By Regie Simmons
Elite Physique competitor Regie Simmons provides an informative article on how to correct muscle imbalances in the shoulder region to avoid future injuries.

Star Profile: Bikini Universe Pro/Fitness Model Jessica Vasquez
Model America Champion and Bikini Universe Pro Jessica Vasquez shares some of her secrets to success in the Fitness Industry with Natural Bodz readers.

Feature Article: Lean Up –¬†Fast Track to Nutrition with Model America‚ĄĘ Champion Mark Robinson
2013 Model America Champion and qualified Dietitian Mark Robinson provides important insight into nutrition for peak performance.

Feature Report:¬†Massive 16 page Pictorial report on the 2014 Musclemania¬ģ Australia¬†
A full pictorial rundown including event results from the 2014 Musclemania¬ģ ¬†Australia event held in September on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

In the Spotlight with Sally Bell
Featuring one of Australia’s top Bikini/Fitness Models Sally Bell.

Train Smart:
Crossfit not as effective as traditional workouts. Two of the best exercises for abs. Gym Diehards live longer. How to train the upper pecs with push ups. Low reps VS High reps what does science have to say. Moderation is the key to exercise motivation.

Feature Article:¬†Fructose a Bodybuilder’s Worst Enemy!
Editor Steve Jones delves into the damaging effects of a high fructose diet and why it may be one of the worst substances for any athlete serious about getting results from their efforts in the gym.

Supplement Central:
More IGF-1 in muscle tissue with Creatine, MSM protects muscle proteins during exercise, Curcumin Protects Amino Acids in the body.

Star Profile:¬†Musclemania¬ģ Junior Physique Champion – Zac Meredith
In this issue we feature Brisbane‚Äôs Zac Meredith one of the brightest new stars in the world of Physique Competition, fresh off his victory at the Musclemania¬ģ Australia where he took out the Junior Physique Class.

Health, Sex and Longevity:
Tomatoes help protect against prostate cancer. Science proves that stress makes you fat! Live longer don’t take pills eat more vegetables. Walk and get creative.

Feature: Interview with Kwame Duah¬†‚ÄstMusclemania¬ģ Australia Champion Musclemania¬ģ Pro
In this issue we interview Musclemania¬ģ Pro Kwame Duah fresh of his Musclemania¬ģ Australia victory where he earned prestigious Musclemania¬ģ Pro Status. We talk diet, training and that all important winning mind to succeed as a champion Natural Bodybuilder.

Fitness Minds: Don’t take yourself too serious.
Fitness can be fun, so why over complicate the situation!

Natural Chef:
Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein bars.

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