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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 Issue 6


This issues Cover Models: Kristina Angeli & Jake Sylvester Star Profiles: Fitness Model Renee Brady Fitness Model Joshua Hohua In the Spotlight Profile with Shannah Baker


Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 Issue 6

Our Cover Models: This issue features two of Australia’s top Fitness Models Kristina Angeli of Canberra and Jake Sylvester of Queensland. Kristina placed 2nd in the 2014 ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Modeling Championships as did Jake in the Male Fitness Model Tall Class. The images featured on this cover were captured at the Natural Bodz Media Day Shoot by Editor Steve Jones. Both Kristina and Jake will be heading to Las Vegas with Team Natural Bodz to compete in the 2014 Fitness America Weekend. We have no doubt both of these amazing athletes will do both Natural Bodz and Australia proud on the Vegas Stage.

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IN THIS ISSUE: Nutrition Knowledge Centre: Avocado Advantage Seaweeds sock up fat! Spinach helps slash food cravings. Cup of coffee helps lower cholesterol. Safe Grilling Secret Revealed. Blueberries boost brain skills.

Feature: Why you should tell your trainer to shut up! By Regie Simmons Come on….One more rep…you can do it! Is it necessary to have these words blasted in your ear while training? Regie provides some interested insight into this louder than life topic!

Star Profile: Bikini Pro/Fitness Model Renee Brady Bikini Universe Pro Renee Brady is doing big things in the fitness industry. She shares some of her secrets to success with Natural Bodz readers in this feature Star Profile.

Feature Article: Low GI – Fact Vs Fiction! It’s time to cut through and exposed the truth about the glycemic index. Why the system is flawed and what really counts when it comes to taking control of your carb intake.

Feature Report: The 2014 ANB Asia Pacific Massive 16 page event report of the 2014 ANB Asia Pacific International Championships. Features Bodybuilding and Figure results and Fitness Model results.

In the Spotlight with Shannah Baker Featuring the stunning Shannah Baker of Queensland winner of the 2014 ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model tall Class.

Train Smart: Squat technique worsens with more sets and reps. Smith machine for back. Workout work ethic. Skipping workouts – How many before it begins to show? Best two exercises for hamstrings.

Feature Article: Whey Over the top by George L Redmon. George L Redmon PHD takes a closer look at the latest scientific research and the host of amazing benefits that Whey Protein offers for those seeking a leaner more muscular build.

Supplement Central: Agmatine for fat loss and lean muscle growth. Ashwangandha boosts natural testosterone levels. HMB free acid super-charges muscle recovery.

Star Profile: Fitness Model Joshua Hohua Fresh off his victory at the 2014 ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Modeling Championships Queensland’s Joshua Hohua shares his journey of success in this inspirational feature Star Profile.

Health, Sex and Longevity: Cocoa compounds may prevent weight gain. Get slimmer by spending more time in the daylight! Happy habits key to healthy life. Self confidence counters the effects of stress.

Feature: ProBiotics – The Missing Link Between Equilibrium and Growth. George L Redmon PHD takes us on a journey into the world of Probiotics and how these tiny microorganisms govern many other physiological mechanisms that regulate the body’s anabolic, metabolic and bio-energetic potential.

Fitness Minds: How to make your dreams a reality by Steve Jones.

Natural Chef: This issue features two healthy high protein recipes tasty Caribbean Chicken  and delicious egg pockets.

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