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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 Issue 3


This issues Cover Models: Rhiannon Harris & Garry James Turner

Star Profiles:
Figure Sensation Zoe Yaworsky
Model America Champion Mark Robinson
In the Spotlight Profile with Garry “Turner-Nator” Turner.

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 Issue 3

Star Profile – Figure Sensation Zoe Yaworsky
In this issue we feature the lovely Zoe Claire Yaworsky fresh off her victory at the Figure America Championships in Las Vegas. We talk diet, training and everything else with our new Figure Pro.

Star Profile – Model America Champion – Mark Robinson
We get a detailed insight into the new Model America Overall Champion Mark Robinson. Mark shares his journey and some of his diet and training tips with Natural Bodz Readers.
Great inspiration for those looking to compete in their first Fitness Model event.

Lose Weight Now! – Top 12 Reasons you are not losing weight on a low carb diet.
Are you struggling to drop the kilos even though you are on almost zero carbs? Steve Jones shares 12 tips that may help you kick start your weight and finally get the results you deserve.

H20 To Go – How much water should you drink per day?
Our bodies are around 60% water, but how much water should we really drink per day and how much is too much?

Functional Training – The new buzz that’s here to stay!
Regular contributor and Fitness expert Dr Corey Mote provides a look inside functional training and how it can benefit those into specific sports.

Through The Athletes Eyes
We take the time to ask each of the Aussie athletes to share their thoughts on their journey and overall experience of the 2013 Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas.

2014 Fitness America Weekend – Aussie athletes storm Vegas.
Eight page pictorial event report as Aussie athletes captured top honors at the 2013 Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas.

Inspirational Athlete Profiles
Who better to learn from than the best of the best in the fitness industry. This issue features 3 of the best athletes in the business who have shared some of their secrets to help you achieve your dream body.

How to train smarter to get optimum results!
This issue features some great content that offers both a humorous an informative look into how to train smarter to get the best results out of your efforts in the gym.

In The Spotlight with  Physique Star Garry “Turner-Nator” Turner
Prepare to be inspired by this months Cover Model the amazing new Physique Star Garry “Turner-Nator” Turner.

Nutrition Knowledge Centre
Avocado packs a powerful nutritional punch.
Wild Blueberries for good health.
Almonds – A smart snack for dieters
Good news for Coffee Lovers.
Eat early to lose more weight.
Sugar may shorten lifespan
Vegetables shown to boost longevity.
Cracking the egg mythology.

Train Smart
Moderation is Key for exercise motivation.
Gym screams not conducive to bigger muscles!
Are thumb-sets killing your workouts.
Exercise reduces the risk of lower back pain.
Bodybuilders that train in the evening grow faster.

Supplement Central
BCAA’s protect muscles when combined with Taurine.
Anti-Catabolic Effect of Carnitine
Taurine shown to boost Natural Testosterone.
Health, Sex Longevity
Sugar Causes resistance to the hormone leptin.
Low testosterone levels linked to obesity.
Sexual libido mirrors mental & physical state of human health.
Fish for Longevity.
Low testosterone increases heart disease risk.
Fitness Minds 
Food for thought.
Sweetened beverages linked to depression.

Natural Chef 
Delicious Whey protein almond pancakes.

Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.


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