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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 Issue 2


This issues Cover Models: Nicole Michael & Gino Aquino Star Profiles: Fitness Model Melissa Le Man Natural Bodybuilding Champion Sung Lay In the Spotlight Profile on Fitness Model Michael Kay

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 5 Issue 2

Star Profile Fitness Model Melissa Le Man In this issue we interviewed one of Australia’s top Fitness Models and Personal Trainers Melissa Le Man. She shares how her journey began and how she shaped her body and career in the health and fitness industry.

Star Profile Natural Physique Sensation Sung Lay It’s time to Lay down the law on how Sung Lay sculpted his world class physique into a lean mean winning machine. We ask him all the questions you want to know, how he eats, trains and prepares for battle in natural physique events.

Exposing The Calorie Myth  What do calories really mean to the human body and do we need to spend time counting them?

8 Tips To Help You Muscle Up Fast  Are you struggling to get results from your efforts in the gym? We take a look at 8 tips to help you muscle-up fast and expose some of the misconceptions when it comes to training and nutrition.

Periodization: Training For Muscle Mass  One of America’s top trainers and Pro Natural Bodybuilders Dr Corey Mote provides a detailed rundown on how dividing your workouts into specific periods can add more lean muscle mass.

Tricia Griffins Ultimate Body Transformation  Prepare to be shocked and inspired all at the same time as we interview Tricia Griffin the winner of the 2012 Powerzone Body Transformation Challenge.

In The Spotlight with Michael Kay  Who said you can’t look great after the age of 40! Take a look at 45 year old Michael Kay, he lives and breathes the health and fitness lifestyle and placed 5th in his very first Fitness Model event.

Creatine Plus HMB The Magic Duo  Discover how combining these two supplements can add kilos of quality muscle to your frame.

Fast Track Your Results Check out this issues cutting edge content on how to fast track your training with the latest training techniques.

Nutrition Knowledge Centre  Water loaders beware: Too much could be fatal! Cocoa & Green Tea counter inflammation. More adrenalin through Olive Oil. On a diet? Research shows toasted bread is better for you.

Train Smart You’re at your strongest in the early evening. Knees: To wrap or not to wrap? Protect yourself from potential downtime. Front squats VS Back Squats….and the winner is?

Supplement Central  Essential amino acids between meals increases muscle mass. BCAA’s help you stay in shape by inhibiting fat growth. Post workout carbs have no effect on protein synthesis. Creatine plus HMB: the magic formula.

Health, Sex Longevity  Regular sex makes us smarter! Sunlight helps prevent prostate problems. Resveratrol and Quercetin Kills fat cells. Supplemental Sleep – Power naps increase performance.

Fitness Minds To succeed to must learn to conquer our fear of failure.

Natural Chef  Try our delicious cinnamon and oat protein pancakes. Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.