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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 5


This issues Cover Models: Claire Rae & Rob Riches

Star Profiles:
Figure Super Tracey Taylor
Fitness Model Natural Physique Star Dave Bergwerf

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 3 Issue 5

Star Profile – Tracey Taylor
This issue we feature one of Australia’s finest female figure competitors Tracey Lee Taylor.Tracey started her journey back in 2004 and has never looked back since then. We take a closer look into her achievements and secrets to success. 

Star Profile – Dave Bergwerf 
Combining fitness modeling and competitive bodybuilding with a top notch personal training business is no easy task, but our star profile athlete Dave Bergwerf has it all figured out.

10 Ways to Burn Fat Without Trying!
Do you want to get lean the easy way? It’s time to check out 10 of the easiest ways to lose weight without much effort at all.

Muscle – Isolation Fact OR Fiction? 
You will be surprised at how easy it can be! There is so much confusion and misconception about isolating specific muscle groups. It’s about time we dispelled some of the myths and just cut to the facts.

The Power Of Plyometrics: By Natalia Muntean 
Natalia explains how Plyometrics can add a whole new dimension to your training program with explosive results in record time!

Protein Powder – Facts You Need To know 
Three very important scientific facts you should know about getting the most from your protein powder. What’s the best protein for post workout recovery, and when to take it?

Cereal Killers 
Are you a victim of one of the nasty cereal killers lurking amongst supermarket shelves across the country? Ironman food, is it really high in protein? What about Special K for weight loss? We uncover the truth behind all the fancy packaging and hyped up television commercials

Nutrition Knowledge Centre
Drinking alcohol inhibits muscle growth!
Drink more water to burn more fat.
Onion Juice found to triple testosterone levels.
Pecans promote heart health. 

Train Smart 
Want bigger biceps?
Try training them first.
Drinking fluid during cardio keeps HGH levels up.
Strength training with super-sets burns more fat.

Supplement Central 
40% more testosterone with Ashwagandha.
The perfect pre workout supplement. 

Health, Sex & Longevity 
Daily fiber boosts longevity.
Day time powernaps are good for you!
Getting older? Try some extra L-Leucine to boost your Anabolic response.
Male orgasm found to prolong life! 

Fitness Minds 
Using mental imagery to increase performance. 

Competition Corner 
The Perfect Competition Tan. My Story with New Zealand’s Anne Jameson. 2011 event calendar

The Natural Chef 
Perfect Sweet Sugar Free Mango & Passionfruit Yoghurt Mousse.

2011 Asia Pacific International Championships Physique, Figure, Model and Fitness Model Promotional A2 Pullout Poster 
Whether you are looking to compete in this years 2011 ANB Asia Pacific International Championships or just need a little motivation to keep you going through the winter months, this double sided A2 poster will give you something to aim for. Open to all competitors from across the world with a huge prize pool on offer, come take part or come witness this incredible event on the amazing Gold Coast
12-13 June 2011.

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