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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 2 Issue 4


This issues Cover Models: Leah Hohipuha & Poli Caripidis

Star Profiles:
Fitness Model Simone Lewis
Mr Universe Billy Simmonds

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 2 Issue 4

Star Profile РFitness Model Simone Lewis 
23 year old Newcastle born Simone Lewis has taken the world of Sports Modeling by storm. Featured as our cover model in our last issue, Simone shares with us her journey on the catwalk through this exclusive profile feature.

Star Profile РNatural Champion Billy Simmonds 
Billy (Brenton) Simmonds has blasted his way on to the natural bodybuilding scene with a victory at the 2009 INBA Mr Universe titles. We find out what it takes to reach the top in Natural Bodybuilding

Fake Foods: Buyer Beware 
We take a close look into the deception of food companies marketing strategies of foods that are devoid of any real nutrition. Next time you go shopping you will know what to look out for!

Estrogen Friend or Foe 
This scientific report contains information on how to protect yourself from estrogen dominance and how three natural plant extracts can help prevent excess estrogen and accumulation of stubborn fat stores.

Hard Gainers Guide to Unleashing Untapped Muscle 
Struggling to build any muscle mass at all? Let us show you how anyone can experience incredible results in the gym by following this simple guide dedicated to the “Hard Gainers”.

The Breakfast Debate : To Eat or Not to Eat 
Elena Voropay explains why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the effect it has on the body.

How Your Body Creates Energy 
Ever wonder where energy to lift weights or run comes from? Bret Kennedy explains how your body creates energy through the 4 different energy pathways.

Train Smart
Exercise keeps dangerous visceral fat away.
Weight training the ultimate fat burning exercises.
Regular sprints boost metabolism.
Super slow weight training and its effectiveness.

Supplement Central
Geranamine warning prohibited stimulant!
Are meal replacement effective for weight loss?
Egg-white powder the forgotten hero.
Malic Acids energy boosting properties.

Health Sex & Longevity 
100k+ cancers caused by obesity.
Weightlifting may cut teen diabetes risk.
Homocysteine levels and Longevity.

Competition Corner
Dare to Succeed by Steve Jones.
Latest 2010 Natural Event Calendar.
OOfitness Q & A with Obi Obadike.

Cutting-Edge articles on all aspects of Nutrition, training and health & fitness.

Special Bonus
Free double sided pull-out poster to
inspire yours and others fitness goals.