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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 1 Issue 6


This issues Cover Models: Juliet Cotteril & Luke Belcher

Star Profiles:
Figure Star Michelle Nazaroff
Physique Champion Aaron Hammond

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 1 Issue 6

Star Profile – Figure Star Michelle Nazaroff
Michelle Nazaroff fresh from major victories in the world of female figure events shares her truly inspirational story in an in-depth profile on this figure sensation.

Star Profile – Aaron Hammond 
One of Australia’s finest heavy weight competitors shares his secrets on success in both natural bodybuilding and the entertainment industry. He appeared in the successful “Under Belly” series.

6 Fat Burning Super Foods
Discover how this hidden treasures can help you melt away stubborn body fat.

Build Muscle Fast 
If you are finding it hard to gain muscle it’s time to unleash the power of Ascending-Sets!

Special report: Synephrine 
Is this widely used ingredient an effective fat burner or a total money-burner? Let’s see what science has to say!

The Low-Down on Low-carb Bars 
An inside look at low carb nutrition and protein bars, are they truly low carb and do they offer nutritional value?

Bend the Bar- Not your back! 
Our expert Physio Scott Hill explains everything you need to know to strengthen and safe guard your back from injuries.

ANB 2009 Asia Pacific Report 
An exclusive report on the ANB Asia Pacific International Physique, Figure and Sports Model Championship.s

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