Paul Gibney Feature Article

Grand Masters Champion Bodybuilder Paul Gibney features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 5 in a feature Article….

58 year old paul gibney proves that there is no limit to what can be achieved with knowledge, dedication and a passion for the health & fitness lifestyle

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that—as clichéd as it may be—age isn’t anything more than a number and the only thing stopping you from going out there and doing whatever it is you really want to do is you. 58 year old Paul Gibney is training harder than he did more than four decades ago. Let’s rewind back to 1971 where 12 year old Paul started training with school buddies at lunch time on a old set of weights the school had. By the end of that year Paul I had his own weights at home and commenced training like a madman. Paul says “I remember seeing photos of Arnold in popular magazines when I was 9 and thinking that he looked awesome. I always admired great physiques and strong people and the physiques of the 50s, 60s and 70s like Reeves, Draper, Howorth, Zane, Nubret, and the incomparable Sergio Oliva. All broad shouldered, small waists, stunning symmetry and remarkable amounts of detail. Once I started training, I was genuinely loved the feeling of training, the pump, increasing strength, etc. I was hooked.” Pauls first contest win was the Sub-junior Mr. Ipswich in 1973.

He was 14 years old and competed three times that year. In 1974, at the age of 15 Paul won the Jnr. Mr. Queensland. Paul has quite a history of competing in fact has competed in over 40 shows over 5 decades! – 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s. With a flurry of titles behind him, his most memorable moments and titles include Jnr. Mr. Queensland in 1974, the Masters Natural Mr. Olympia title in 1998, and the Grandmasters Australian Natural Bodz Asia Pacific title 2014. “They represent three different eras of competing for me and speak to my longevity in the sport – which is what I am most proud of.” Paul says. However it was Pauls 2016 victory at the Australian Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International Championships that saw Paul become part of the 2016 Australian Natural Bodz Vegas Team to represent not only Australia but a generation of Bodybuilders which are become fewer in this age group.

The Brisbane based Psychotherapist say the intensive workouts he does keeps him in terrific nick. “I train average 5 days a week. A typical split would be Day 1:thighs, calves and shoulders; Day 2: back, biceps and forearms, and Day 3: chest, triceps and abs. And I just keep rolling through that 3 way split. I usually do a couple of heavier movements with reps 6-8, and then some isolation work with reps 10-15. Periodization plays an important part in my training. I do 2-3 weeks with higher sets, lower reps and heavier weights, and then do 2-3 weeks of lower sets, higher reps and weights with which I can effectively complete 10-15 reps. At various times, I will emphasise 1-2 specific intensity techniques. I think good, deliberate form on exercises leads to better development and less injuries over time.” However, Paul knew his training would be crucial leading up to representing Australia at the Musclemania World Championships in Las Vegas. Paul says “ I only had to rely on myself- my progress depended solely on my capacity to work.

I also made sure to train minor muscle groups and certain aspects of my physique hard such as rear delts, intercostals, soleus, medial triceps head, brachialis, teres major, forearms etc. That attention to detail adds up and demonstrates quality. Paul also follows a low carb ketogenic diet and incorporated Intermittent Fasting which he says is incredibly helpful when he decides to compete. In 2013,Paul went from “105 kgs (fat as) to 85 kgs using it (8/16). It was effortless.” He finds that tracking his calories, protein, carbs and fats on an app to be invaluable for keeping him on track “It just provides such helpful feedback so promptly – it makes a big difference”. “I always use a lot of vitamins and minerals, and Red Krill Oil. I always take BCAAs and Creatine before training and BCAAs during training. I am not a fan of “fat burners”: I think reducing your calories works better than inducing heart palpitations.”

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