Memo Del Solar Star Profile

Musclemania Physique Champion Memo Del Solar features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 6 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Name: Guillermo

Nickname: MEMO

Date of birth/star sign: 18 march pisces

Birth place: lima / peru

Country/state you live: QLD, Australia

Family, brothers, sisters? 2 Sisters

Favourite car: Corvette stingray chevrolet

Favourite colour: black Hair colour: Black Colour eyes: Brown Height: 170cm Contest weight: 76kg Off season weight: 83kg Occupation: fitness coach

Hobbies/interests: weight lifting, nutrition, watching weight lifting videos.competing.

When and where did your journey into the world of health and fitness begin and who or what inspired you to get into weight training? I started looking after my nutrition and feeling passionate for sports as a very young surfer. I’ve always worked hard to be the best at what I do. Then I moved into Muay Thai, I won several championships. I started with weight lifting when I moved to America, I didn’t have many friends then and my English wasn’t good. Weight lifting is a sport where you don’t need a team, so it became my favourite hobby. I committed to it and started seeing results. That was the motivation that kept me going and pushing harder every time.

Congratulations on your recent victory at the 2017 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific Championships where you took out Pro League Physique Category. Can you share how it felt to capture these top honors in the event? Thank you very much! It’s hard to describe, it’s months and months of preparation, discipline and hard work, all released in one day. I felt happy, excited and more than anything “rewarded”. All those hours, late gym sessions and very little social life, all those sacrifices are paying off. I feel that this experience has been a great motivation to keep training harder and moving forward as an athlete. This is only the beginning.

Are you involved in any other sports or have previously had success in any other sporting endeavours. Do you believe involvement in these sports has helped forge the physique you have today? Yes of course. I competed as a teenage surfer but never achieved any big titles. As a muay thai fighter I won several tournaments. I think that these experiences rewarded me with a good understanding of what it means to prepare to compete, and most importantly, train aggressively with the determination of winning. As a fighter I didn’t develop a very muscular physique, however I got used to train harder than anyone else. Once I transferred that spirit into bodybuilding, I started to get results very fast.

Did you do anything different leading into the Asia Pacific, in regards training and Nutrition? I started loading on carbs almost three days before the event, earlier than usual. I think that helped me to look better than previous competition. I also felt stronger on stage. Apart from that I always train the same before a comp, around two and a half, sometimes three hours. Every day.

How important do you feel it is to have professional guidance leading into an event in regards body conditioning and stage confidence? It’s super important, it can make the difference between taking the first place, placing top three or not placing at all. Stage presence is everything, you have to master it. It’s important to remember that a bodybuilding competition is a “show”, that’s why I love the events organised by NATURAL BODZ, because you have more freedom with your routines and that allows you to add some of your personality in your performance. My advice to everyone out there thinking on competing for the first time will be to hire a coach with experience, that can help you find your best angles and take your posing to the next level, and also provide you with the right advice in regards you meal plan.

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