Cameron Biafore Star Profile

Ms Bikini America Cameron Biafore features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 6 in a Star Profile….

Cameron Biafore took on the World and won….Prepare to be inspired by this amazing success story.


I want to start by congratulating you on a very successful 2016 in the competitive Bikini Circuit. How did it feel to not only take out your Class in the Bikini Australia but to also go on to Win Overall Bikini America and earn Pro Status?
Thank you! Honestly, I was super surprised both times, being so new to the world of  fitness shows and competitions, I had no idea what to expect! I knew I was just aiming to give it my all and showcase my hard work, and nothing felt more incredible than the feeling of all your hard work paying off!

What has your experience been like so far living down under?
I absolutely love Australia! Ever since I made the daring move about a year and nine months ago, my life has changed ten fold. I knew when I moved here, I was going to try new things, face my fears, and constantly test my comfort zones. It wasn’t until I pursued my passion for fitness that I started smashing goals left and right. Last year was hands down the best year of my entire life and I am beyond thankful for everyone who I have met along the way.  I’m not sure if there is something in the water here, but everyone I have became friends with, has  made a massive and positive impact on my life. I love the culture, weather, lifestyle and opportunities. Its great!

Who or what inspired you to hit the gym and then go on to compete in your first Bikini show?    
It was a monumental chat that actually took place at my gym, with my personal trainer Karin, who I approached whilst she was working out on a bike. I told her I have been looking at the musclemania poster that was displayed on the gym bulletin board nearly every time I was there, and that I wanted to learn more about it and asked for her opinion. She was super excited, and that chat went on for a good hour. She gave me the recommendation for my coach Josh, along with everything else bikini comp related and I couldn’t  thank her enough for it! If it wasn’t for that chat, I definitely wouldn’t have pursued competing. I almost didn’t even go to my first initial meeting with my coach because I was too nervous! However, I faced my fears, met my coach, got fired up and then started learning the ins and outs of all things bikini. I already went to the gym a fair bit before hand, but as soon as I had a solid goal, I went at it full force to the point everyone at my gym noticed and thought I was nuts!

It appears by some of your FB and Insta posts that you have either a dance or gymnastics background can you share that with our readers and do you believe this has helped with your overall journey into the gym world and competing?
I was actually apart of the competitive cheer leading scene for 10 years, where i competed at the highest level and even went to the cheerleading worlds in 2011! Cheerleading is a huge deal in the states, and its full on. Because i did it for so long, out of muscle memory im still able to flip around at will, and i was used to being in the gym a lot lifting people, as well as in the gym lifting weights. I guess this is a huge reason why i dont have stage fright as well. I actually love being on stage and thrive from it! I was always used to hundreds of people watching, so being on stage came naturally. I would say this part of my life is a huge reason for my success so far.

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