Allahna Carman Star Profile

Natural Bodz Fitness Model Pro Competitor Allahna Carman features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 5 as a Star Profile Athlete.


Name: Allahna Carman

Nickname: Lana

Date of birth/star sign: 14/11/91 – Scorpio

Birth place: Bundaberg, Queensland.

Country/state you live: QLD, Australia

Attached/unattached: Attached

Family, brothers, sisters?  1 Sister.

Do you have pets: 2 Beagles.

Favourite car: Chrysler

Favourite colour: Coral and Turquiose.

Hair colour: Brunette

Colour eyes: Brown

Height: 154cm

Contest weight: 46kg

Off season weight: 49-50kg

Occupation: Dental Assistant

Hobbies/interests: Weight training, Yoga, Pilates.

First off congratulations on your success in 2016 at the Natural Bodz Asia Pacific and the Fitness America™ Weekend in Las Vegas. How did it feel to experience this kind of success in your first year of competing? Thank You Steve. I totally exceeded my own personal expectations. I honestly did not expect to place let alone win, at the Asia Pacs show in June. I couldn’t believe it when I won and was invited to compete the following day in the Pro League, what an honour. Then to place second in the Pro League division was amazing. It was an anxious wait to hear back as to whether or not I had been selected for the Australian team to compete in Las Vegas. I was in shock when I found out that I had been chosen for the team, I never thought I would have this opportunity. It was a definite yes from me, I couldn’t say no to this once in a lifetime chance.

How did you find the entire Las Vegas experience, including competing at the Fitness America™ Weekend? Firstly, being able to travel over with the other Australian competitors was such a fantastic experience. We were all very like-minded people and it was just like one big family. I had such a great time in Vegas, I didn’t want to leave. Being a part of the Fitness America Weekend show was such a great feeling, you are competing for a world title up against the best of the best from all across the world. I had the time of my life up on that huge stage, I felt a real sense of pride in myself for getting to that point and placing 5th. Even once my division was over I had so much fun watching our other team mates compete, it was an amazing show to watch and it was so nice to have an entire team cheering you on when you are in a foreign place where you don’t know anyone and wouldn’t usually have anyone in the crowd cheering for you.

Where and when did your journey into the fitness industry begin, who inspired you to start training with weights and competing? Honestly competing was something I just wanted to tick off my bucket list, I had wanted to do it for years and finally just decided to give it a go. I had no idea what I was doing when I entered my first show and didn’t have a coach. Despite all of that, the judges must have seen something in me and I placed 3rd. I couldn’t believe that I actually placed and got to take home a trophy. That really made me curious to see how well I could do if I kept going, and I havn’t looked back since.

You certainly improved from the Natural Bodz Apacs to the Vegas show, what did you do different leading into Vegas? I wanted to put on more muscle leading into the Vegas show and actually hold onto a bit more body fat for a slightly curvier/fuller look rather than the lean/dry look. I also worked a lot on my walk and my posing to improve my overall package for the show. I think that also the more shows you do the more confident you are and that really shows on stage.

Can you share a typical training program you would follow leading into a competition? Days per week, sets, cardio, weights etc? I train 6 days a week when I am preparing for a competition, I usually would have Saturday’s off to spend time with my husband outside of the gym. I split my workouts over those 6 days only training one muscle group per day, which ever muscle was the least sore usually. I generally do 4 sets of 12-15 reps for my workouts when I am close to comp as my weights are lower.

What muscle groups do you feel are the most important areas to hit for girls looking to build a sexy, aesthetic body? I would have to say Shoulders, Abs and Glutes.

Let’s talk cardio…Is there a specific form that you feel works best? And how much is too much? I kind of hate cardio, just saying. I did incorporate cardio into my program leading into comp but I’m not the kind of person that will run on the treadmill for hours. I am lucky that I have a very fast metabolism and I can control my body fat by diet alone without having to kill myself with crazy amounts of cardio.

Let’s talk Nutrition.. what does a typical days eating look like for you? How many meals foods types etc? I am pretty basic when it comes to my meals for comp prep. I stick to Chicken breast, Kangaroo and sometimes fish for my protein. My carbs are from either oats, sweet potato or brown rice. Almonds, Avocado and coconut oil for my Fat source and I also have a bucket load of veggies with every meal. And 3-4L of water every day. I usually have 6-7 meals a day, including my pre and post workout protein shakes.

Are you a calorie counter or prefer to go by how you look and feel? You could say the instinctive approach. I don’t count calories or macros, I just listen to my body and judge it by how I’m looking in the mirror.

How important is timing when it comes to food intake, do you eat on a supply and demand basis depending on your workload for the day? I will usually try and eat about every 3-4 hours. It is hard sometimes with my work to be able to just stop and eat, so sometimes I will just keep some protein powder in a shaker and just add water if I am due for a meal but don’t have time to stop.

It’s common to see many girls blow out after a show and add 10kgs. Fitness Model should have an off season? I think after being so strict for so long it’s hard to stop yourself from all of the temptations after comp. I found for me that I need to set another goal ASAP so that I have something to work towards and keep me focused. For me an “Off Season” is the time between Season A and Season B, most of which is spent prepping for my next comp.

Setting goals is obviously a mainstay for success. Do you feel that the shows have really enabled you to push to that extra level to bring out the best in you? Yes, I want to continue to improve every time I stand on that stage. Even if you have won your show there is always going to be someone hot on your heels trying to overtake you. I am always focusing on improving my overall package and try and get as much feedback as possible each time I compete.

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