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Natural Bodz Magazine Vol 7 Issue 2 Renee Brady Bikini America Pro

Interview with Cover Model Renee Brady

Renee Brady takes bikini america pro title in las vegas

Interview with  Steve Jones Editor-in-chief

I first want to start by congratulating you on your recent success at the 2014 Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend in Las Vegas where you not only took out the prestigious Bikini America‚ĄĘ Pro Division but also captured the overall Model America‚ĄĘ Category. You looked amazing up on that Vegas stage and did the Natural Bodz Australian team proud, can you share how it felt to take out not just one top award but two and how you found the whole experience of traveling with the team and the entire Vegas experience?
Thank you, I appreciate the kind words! Travelling to the US with the Natural Bodz Team was by far the best experience of my life. Not only did I get to compete under such a
prestigious name, but I was lucky enough to meet and spend my time with some very inspiring athletes. I have made friends for life from that group of athletes.

I don’t think I can quite put in to words how I feel about taking out those two divisions. Never did I think I would have been so successful. Standing up on that stage next to those beautiful, strong athletes felt like winning in itself. If anyone has seen the footage they would have seen how shocked and overwhelmed I was. Definately an unforgettable life changing moment in my life.

Was this the first time you have traveled virtually across the globe to compete, and how did you find the air travel, and integrating your meals into the travel plan?
Yeah, Fitness America was my first overseas trip to compete. The air travel, meal prepping, and training was all new to me. I had no idea how my body would respond. Everyone In the team had different methods during the flight which made me a tad nervous but I did some research before the trip to make sure I would be in a similar routine. Water loading on the plane was by far the hardest part!

How many weeks did you invest into prepping for the Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend and did you implement anything different into your training and diet this time round?
I did a 10 week prep for Fitness America. I began my prep doing what I know works best for my body, however, I was forced to change things up when I hit a massive wall at around 5 weeks out. I changed over from high carb/low fat to low carb/high fats and increased the intensity of my cardio. I put this down to not responding as well as I backed up from my prep for the Asia Pacific show in June earlier that year.

Natural Bodz Magazine hosts two major Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Events in Australia the Asia Pacific in June and the Musclemania¬ģ Australia in Sept. You have won top category titles in both of these events. Can you share with our readers the experience you have had competing in these two events and what they offer over and above other events here in Australia?
The APACS show and Musclemania have been my favorite shows I had competed in to date! The shows are well run, full of unbelievable athletes, and most of all make you feel like a star. After all the hard work you put in to your prep these shows have always made me feel like every fish and broccoli meal or grueling session had been well worth it!
When I won Musclemania¬ģ Australia this qualified me to compete at the Fitness America‚ĄĘ Weekend show, and then the following year when I won both my divisions at the Asia Pacific‚Äôs show this gave me the exposure and opportunity to be a part of the Natural Bodz Vegas Team. These shows definitely offer the most exposure and opportunities for all athletes wanting to travel and become a professional sports model.

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