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2013 Fitness America Weekend

Australian Athletes Capture Top Honors In Las Vegas 

The next issue of Australian Natural Bodz (Volume 6 Issue 3) will feature a full report on the 2013 Musclemania Fitness America Weekend held at the Golden Nugget Hotel. Well over 500 outstanding athletes from across the world took part in this incredible event. The production of the show was simply amazing with a stage and lighting set up featuring a massive LED screen providing a vivid and exciting backdrop fitting to all the amazing athletes.

Antonietta and I were proud to travel along side such an amazing group of athletes selected from the 2013 ANB Asia Pacific and those that qualified at the 2013 Musclemania Australia event that we hosted on the Gold Coast in October this year. Adding to the great line up of Australian athletes were previous winners of Musclemania and Fitness Universe titles. It goes without saying Australia has some incredible talent right across the array of categories including Musclemania, Figure America, Model and Bikini America.

When we first began making the Team Selections and funding athletes back in 2010 at the ANB Asia Pacific our goal was to send a unified Team to the biggest Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness event in the world – The Musclemania Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas. The success that many of the athletes achieved has indeed opened the doors to a host of opportunities, including National and International Media exposure in numerous health and fitness magazines, including our very own Natural Bodz Magazine.

For many it was the first time they have traveled outside Australia only to be thrown into the midst of a huge event and the lights, glamour and excitement of Las Vegas.
Traveling and uniting as a Team creates great comradery between athletes and makes the experience much more than just a competition.  It’s important to savor experiences such as this and take from it the incredible memories that it creates. When in Vegas you have to party, otherwise its just not on. Yes we are there to take care of business at the event but we are there to enjoy the entire experience with a group of like minded people.

This year was no exception, such an amazing group of people we shared this journey with. Great results across the board, thanks for uniting as a Team and for making this such a memorable and fun experience for Antonietta and I. Natural Bodz has and always will be dedicated to promoting not only the amazing lifestyle we all love so much but more importantly the inspirational athletes both at a National and International level. Virtually every athlete that has won or placed in our events or the Fitness America Weekend has been featured in our magazine as either a Star Profile or Cover Model. We support all athletes, providing equal opportunities working to forge careers and open doors for those that have the desire to do so.

Success in any arena can’t be achieved alone. We must all work together to forge a stronger health and fitness industry on a whole. As promoters we provide a professional stage for athletes to showcase their talents and gain international exposure. To fund travel so athletes can climb the ladder of success and experience major international events like the Fitness America Weekend. Provide National and International media exposure through our magazine and the huge Musclemania network.  We are in this together, united as one we all share common ground, we are Australians that have a passion and love for the health and fitness industry and all that it represents.

A huge congratulations to all the athletes that did Australia proud at this years Fitness America Weekend. Keep in mind all of these categories were highly contested and each athlete should be commended for their outstanding presentation and conditioning.  For full event results with scores visit http://www.musclemania.com/scores/2013results

We took thousands of images and hours of video footage at the event (in fact never moved from the media section) throughout the entire weekend. Below are just a few of the images we captured and we will be including a event report in Volume 6 Issue 3 of Australian Natural Bodz along with some more feature Star Profiles on some of the athletes below.

Yes the event season is over but out work continues promoting the athletes and hopefully inspire more people to make health and fitness a major part of their lives in 2014.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and exciting year for 2014. (Bring on the 2014 event season)

Yours in health & fitness

Steve & Antonietta Jones




Figure America Masters
12th Donna Riminton

Figure America Short Class
2nd Kitty Kat Selma

Figure America Medium Class
1st Zoe Claire Yaworsky
3rd Eley May

Figure America Pro
2nd Anna McManamey


Musclemania America Masters
1st Bryce Cleary

Musclemania America Juniors
1st Kwame Duah

Musclemania America – World Open MW
2nd Jack Vifuya

Musclemania America – World Open HW
1st Nathan Wallace (Plus Overall Winner)

Musclemania America – Professional Medium
4th Ryan Laos

Model America Mens Short|
1st Mark Robinson
5th Denham Raveendrakumar

Model America Womens Classic
1st Kristen Lonie
3rd Jacquii Alexander

Model America Womens Short
2nd Hattie Boydle

Model America Womens Tall
8th Rachel Jacobsohn
12th Renee Armstrong

Bikini America Classic Short Class 
1st Kristen Lonie

Bikini America Classic Tall Class
1st Jacquii Alexander

Bikini America Short Class
1st Hattie Boydle
9th Anna Mc Manamey
19th Kitty Kat Selma

Bikini America Medium Class
6th Rachel Jacobsohn

Bikini America Tall Class
4th Renee Armstrong

Overall Bikini America Winner
Hattie Boydle