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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 Issue 4


This issues Cover Models: Bec Rosser & Ian “Tank” Tinsley

Star Profiles:
Fitness Model Sarah Matoka
Natural Champion Billie Paea
In the Spotlight Profile with Renee Brady.

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Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 6 Issue 4

Nutrition Knowledge Centre
Polyphenols in food fight disease.
Tons of toxic waste from Greek Yoghurt.
High Vitamin D boosts Testosterone levels.
Caffeine shown to boost memory.
HIT food choices.
Blueberries have an oestrogenic effect.

PRO STATUS 101 – What does it really mean in the Fitness Industry?
Go Pro, is it a small action camera you can take anywhere or a Status in the Fitness Industry? Already confused! Don’t be as it’s quite simple if you have a clear understanding of what “Pro Status” truly means if you are an aspiring athlete in the fitness industry!

Star Profile Sarah Matoka
We feature one of Australia’s most stunning Fitness Models fresh of her victory at the Musclemania® Australia Championships where she won the Bikini Australia™ Medium Class.

Physique Sensation – Byron Sakha
Editor Steve Jones interviews Musclemania® Australia Physique Class Winner Byron Sakha.

In the Spotlight with Renee Brady
In this issue we put Renee Brady of Newcastle, NSW under the spotlight to share some of her secrets of success after taking out the Overall Bikini Australia Title in 2013.

Train Smart
Squat produces more HGH & testosterone than leg press.
Cut the cardio madness!
Squeeze out more reps and reduce muscle soreness with caffeine.
Endurance training reduces gains from weight training.
Five reasons why everyone should lift weights.

 7 -Ket0 DHEA – The Science of Weight Loss
Dietary ingredients targeting weight loss are commonly thrust into the media spotlight. This year, television personality Dr. Oz enthusiastically endorsed the ingredient 7-keto-DHEA, evoking overnight popularity, sensational headlines, and skyrocketing sales.

Supplement Central
Ashwagandha equals more lean mass, strength and lower body fat percentage.
Cocoa compound strengthens muscles.
Olive oil – The all natural performance enhancer!

Star Profile – Billie Paea
Billie Paea is a Personal Trainer based in Canberra. His journey into the world of Bodybuilding was inspired by his Dad who also had a great physique and owned a gym in the 1980’s. Billie admired the likes of Arnold and Franco Columbo. He was involved with a lot of sports in his early years from touch rugby, rugby and athletics. He was a 100m sprinter having represented a small island in the pacific called Niue at 3 commonwealth games and Pacific games.

Health, Sex & Longevity
Sedentary lifestyle causes body to deteriorate faster.
Better health equals more sex.
Alpha –GPC gave man uncontrollable libido.
More sleep can double your testosterone levels.
More Magnesium shown to enhance life expectancy.

Build more muscle with Time Under Tension

I am sure you will agree at least 90% of gym goers start lifting weights to build muscle. Because its muscle that gives our body shape and form – the basis of all the “body transformation” plans you see on the fitness market are based on losing fat and building lean muscle.

Fitness Minds
Stay in control to lengthen life.

Natural Chef
Delicious tangy cheesecake bars.

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