Stacy O’Connell Star Profile

Natural Bodz Fitness Model Pro Stacy O’Connell features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 5 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Name: Stacy O’Connell

Date of birth/star sign: 25/02/1988 – Pisces

Birth place: Cairns, Queensland.

Country/state you live: QLD, Australia

Attached/unattached: Attached

Family, brothers, sisters?  1 Sister, 2 Brothers – 2 beautiful children.

Do you have pets: Border Collie (Willow)

Favourite car: Ford Ranger / Jeep

Favourite colour: Red

Hair colour: Black with Blonde Highlights

Colour eyes: Blue

Height: 159cm

Contest weight: 50kg

Off season weight: 55kg

Occupation: Make up Artist / Full time Mum

The Gym, Outdoor activities, Competing.

First off congratulations on your recent success at the Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International where you were crowned our very first Natural Bodz Pro League Fitness Model Champion. Can you share in your words the experience?
Competing with Natural Bodz Asia Pacific was an absolute amazing experience. Its an absolute honour to be crowned the very first natural Bodz fitness model. Would highly recommend to anyone who is wishing to compete, to compete with Natural Bodz.

Who inspired you to get involved in fitness and competing. Were you involved in any other sports prior to getting into fitness events?
Competing was always something i wanted to do. My coach Lizzy Cassara was a big inspiration to me and defiantly inspired me to compete with Natural Bodz.

As a young Mum how do you fit everything into your busy schedule and do you have any advice for other young Mums looking to get into Fitness competitions?
It’s about making time and getting yourself into that daily routine. Some days can be tuff but when your so passionate about something you always make the time for it. My Advice for mums wishing to compete is get out there and give it a go, its so rewarding and i feel it inspires my young ones to live a fit and healthy life.

What is your philosophy on exercise, do you prefer weight training over cardio or a combination of both. Basically what works best for you?
I love weight training i feel that works best for my body. cardio i do very minimal. Depending on physical goals can be either increased or decreased during prep or off season prep.

Can you share a typical training program you would follow leading into a competition? Days per week, sets, cardio, weights etc?
I follow a upper body and lower body split, upper body 3 x week and lower body 2 x a week. My main focus was to train each muscle group 2/3x week, these days were traditional hypertrophy orientated body building training focusing on big power movements and compound lifts.

Where do you feel many Fitness competitors go wrong when it comes to preparing for an event and how can these mistakes be avoided?
A nutritional balanced diet. I believe in having the correct coach to lead you along the way and having a well balanced diet and training program.

What muscle groups do you feel are the most important areas to hit for girls looking to build a sexy, aesthetic body?
Your booty and shoulders.

Let’s talk cardio…Is there a specific form that you feel works best? And how much is too much?
High intensity interval training. Everybody is different. We based my cardio on total calorie expenditure for the week. So I always had targets to meet. Depending on my progress each week, my targets for LISS and HIIT would be adjusted accordingly. The idea is that you don’t do too much too quickly and focus on only doing cardio at a last resort whilst leaning down.

Let’s talk Nutrition.. what does a typical days eating look like for you? How many meals foods types etc?
I follow a flexible dieting approach which means i had daily macro targets to hit, Fats, Carbs, & Proteins. I filled my macros with whole nutritional foods and try and enjoy a different variety of foods on a daily basis, But a typical day of food would look something like this.
Meal 1: Oats with blueberries and protein powder
Meal 2: Protein shake or protein smoothy
Meal 3: Chicken and salad or chicken and veggies with quinoa an brown rice
Meal 4: Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana
Meal 5: Steak, or Fish with baked or steamed veggies.

Are you a calorie counter or prefer to go by how you look and feel?
You could say the instinctive approach. I measure my energy balance for the week which means I’m always a where of my calories / macro nutrients for the day.

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