Shannah Baker Star Profile

2014 Ms Bikini America™ Champion Shannah Baker features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 2 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Name: Shannah Baker

Date of birth/star sign: 09/10/90 – Libra

Birth Place:  Perth, Western Australia.

Country/state you live: Gold Coast, QLD

Hair colour: Black/Brown

Colour eyes: Blue

Height: 5”5

Favourite car:
Range Rover Evoke

Favourite colour:


Contest/Off Season Weight:
57.5kg –   60-61kg

Front desk receptionist – QT Hotel

Gym, Horse riding, outdoor activities, photography

Thanks for taking the time to share your success with our readers and congratulations on your recent victories at the Asia Pacific International in June and your latest success winning the Bikini America™ at the Fitness America™ Weekend in Las Vegas.
Thanks for having me, I couldn’t have done it without all the support of my husband, Nana, family, friends and the incredible teams that put together such amazing shows!

How did it feel to capture those two prestigious titles and add earn Pro Status is the prestigious Bikini Universe™ Pro ranks?
I don’t think it’s a feeling you can really explain.. All at one time you feel happy, but you want to cry! You feel joy, excitement and really overwhelmed! Still to this day, I look back and think “wow, I really did win that!!”

You were part of the amazingly successful Natural Bodz Team Australia competing at the Fitness America™ Weekend, describe in your words what it was like to travel with as a team and the overall experience of the journey and to top it off earning Bikini Universe™ Pro Status?
Travelling with a team overseas was a first for me. It was incredible, Steve & Antonietta Jones are truly amazing, they have opened up so many doors for me and I’m so thankful for that! They always have time for you, no matter when or where. So professional yet are your best mates at the same time! It was great that we could all support each other, help each other and were all on the same wave length. Everyone knows the struggles, the highs and the lows! To be able to walk away with the title of Ms Bikini America was a dream come true and such an honour that I could not only represent Natural Bodz but I was there to represent my country as well!

Where did the journey into Fitness and weight training begin for you and what was your inspiration to make it a part of your life?
My fitness journey started in January of 2014.. I remember sitting on the couch, late October 2013 and watching the Olympia Bikini.Ashley K took it out and I was just in awe! I wanted to look like that… I often thought about competing but never thought I’d actually take the dive… my first competition was in April 2014 and I’ve never looked back!

Do you feel that a lot of girls are scared of hitting the weights with the thought that they are going to get overly muscular, what are your thoughts on this topic?
I think there are girls out there who may be scared of it, but ill be honest, I don’t really hear it often. I surround myself with girls who are into the same thing. I follow fitness models on social media, and most of my friends are into fitness as well! All I can say is, don’t be scared!

How many days a week do you hit the weights and can you provide a typical training split that works for you?
I train 6 days a week. My main focus at the moment is glutes, hamstrings and shoulders. I work my legs 3 times a week and my shoulders twice, everything else falls around that!

What muscle groups do you feel are the most important areas to hit for girls looking to build a sexy, aesthetic body?
I think a nice toned stomach and some great legs!

What are your thoughts on cardio, and what works best for you for dropping those last few kilos leading into a show?
Love cardio… Before a show you’ll find me on the treadmill every morning doing fasted cardio from around 25-1hr each time! Usually after my workouts ill finish off with stair master or the stepper! Fasted cardio really helps me to drop the weight in my legs leading up to a competition!

Do you think there is a point of overkill when it comes to cardio work? How much is too much?
I think you should listen to your body… I wouldn’t go over an hour on fasted otherwise you could start to burn your muscle instead! I guess it all comes down to your fitness goals, you don’t need to overdo cardio!

From my experience girls seem to faster results from weights than guys do. Do you think this is because girls focus more or the technique and feel rather than letting their egos get in the way?
Haha, more than likely!! For me… it’s into the gym, headphones on, head down, get to work.

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