Santana Latu Star Profile

2015 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific Physique/Muscle Model Champion Santana Latu features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 3 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Name: Santana Latu

Nickname: Tana

Date of birth/star sign: 13/03/1990 – Pisces

Birth Place:  South Auckland, New Zealand.

Country/state you live: Gold Coast, QLD

Family, brothers and sisters: 1 handsome son Kace & 1 beautiful daughter Ava.

Hair colour: Black

Colour eyes: Brown

Height: 5”9

Favourite car:
Rolls Royce – Ghost.

Favourite colour:


Contest/Off Season Weight:
85kg –  95kg

Miner and soon to be Personal Trainer

Having friends & family over catching up, having a laugh & watching the rugby league. Also being out on the water outrigging.

When and where did your journey into the world of health and fitness begin and who or what inspired you to get into weight training?
I’ve always had a passion for fitness. Growing up in South Auckland, rugby was a normal part of most family’s lives and weekends, and being from such a large family with cousins of similar ages, I was always doing physical activities. My interest in weight lifting started when I was a young teenager. It basically started off as an extension to rugby training and became another competitive avenue in itself. Training with the boys inspired me to push myself harder and further, especially after seeing the results that came with it. Eventually, my passion for weightlifting grew into a new
venture and I continue to nurture that passion today.

Congratulations on your recent victory at the 2015 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific Championships where you took out first place in the Muscle Model Category and also the Physique Class. I believe this was your first competition, how did it feel to achieve such success in your first ever stage appearance?
Thank you! It was very surreal to be honest. I think for most people, you really just do your best to work towards that number one spot, but I never imagined I’d do so well in not only one category, but two. I felt incredibly proud and truly humbled to have been able to achieve such a high level of success in my first ever stage appearance and competition. Looking at the footage my partner recorded on her phone still gives me goose bumps. It was an experience that will stay with me forever!

Are you involved in any other sports or have previously had success in any other sporting endeavours. Do you believe involvement in these sports has helped forge the physique you have today?
I enjoy various physical activities both on and off the water, but mostly weight training, rugby league and outrigging. In my younger years, I achieved a great deal of success in rugby league and was picked for NZ representative teams year in and year out. I believe that each and every physical activity and sport I’ve ever been involved in has in some way or another, no matter how big or small, attributed to the physique I have today.

You are a part of the highly successful Team EPA Australia headed by Joshua Hohua. How did you find the whole Team experience and camaraderie leading into the event?
The atmosphere within our EPA team was uplifting till the end. Even though we knew we were heading on stage to battle it out against each other, everyone remained supportive and encouraging. We went to APACS as a unit and left there in the same way. Having my coach/friend Josh Hohua leading from the front made the overall experience & entire journey that much better and well worth it.

I hear you are looking at getting into Personal Training as a career, is this something you have always aspired to do?
Ultimately yes. It’s a goal I will achieve in the near future and something I’m incredibly passionate about. I Can’t wait to help people change their lives and unlock their full potential.

How important do you feel it is to have professional guidance leading into an event in regards to body conditioning and stage confidence?
I think it’s extremely important to have the support of professional guidance especially from someone who’s been there and done it before, as it provides you with the knowledge you need to reach your full potential before going on stage looking and feeling your best. Nutrition is always a stumbling block for many looking to compete for the first time. What sort of diet did you follow leading into the Asia Pacific event.

Are you a high protein –low carb person or preferred the more balanced approach?
For the first few weeks my diet was high protein – high carb, then leading into the final weeks before the Asia Pacific event, my diet changed again, keeping my protein high and lowering my carb intake which worked really well for my body.

How important is mental focus and a positive attitude when it comes to getting into great physical shape?
Having mental focus is extremely important, particularly when it comes to health and fitness. The decision to take on a physical pursuit like body building or physique modelling requires an extreme amount of focus and positivity. Both you’re attitude and focus is paramount to being able to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Positivity is believing that when you set your mind to something, you will achieve it, and focus comes in to help you get there.

Do you believe in having an off season or prefer to stay in good shape year round. What’s the maximum weight anyone should gain post comp? For male and female?
Personally, I prefer to stay in shape all year round. I don’t see it as an off season if it’s your lifestyle. In regards to post comp weight gain, I think it’s just a personal preference really. When people are comfortable and know they can manage their way back to their pre-comp body, then that’s cool.

How many days a week and what sort of program do you follow leading into a competition? Can you provide our readers with an example split?
I train 6 days a week. Ending most sessions with Abs. My main focus at the moment is mind & muscle connection and really feeling each rep I do and making it count. I usually finish the week with conditioning and working on my lagging muscles.
Mon – Chest & Triceps
Tues – Quads & Calves
Weds – Shoulders
Thurs – Glutes & Hamstrings
Fri – Back & Biceps
Sat – Conditioning

Are you a big cardio man or prefer to use diet and weight training to drop body fat prior to a show?
Leading up to a show, I do cardio in the morning before my first meal and then again in the afternoon after a gym session. Personally, I think both work well together.

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