Raman Kesha Star Profile

Natural Bodz Asia Pacific Muscle Model Champion Raman Kesha features in Australian Natural Bodz Magazine Volume 7 issue 5 as a Star Profile Athlete.

Name: Raman Kesha

Nickname: Rum

Date of birth/star sign: 20/12/1974 – Saggitarius

Birth place: Auckland, New Zealand.

Country/state you live: QLD, Australia

Attached/unattached: Married to Kate.

Family, brothers, sisters?  2 Sisters and 2 Daughters.

Do you have pets: 2 Dogs (Staffys)

Favourite car: Chevy Impala

Favourite colour: White

Hair colour: Black

Colour eyes: Brown

Height: 170cm

Contest weight: 77kg

Off season weight: 58kg

Occupation: Mechanical Trade Assistant.

Martial Arts, Art (Painting,Sketching)

When and where did your journey into the world of health and fitness begin and who or what inspired you to get into weight training?
I used to watch my father weight train when I was young so that was my first inspiration, I lifted my first weight when I was 6 years old to try and be like him and always dreamt of becoming a muscle man. At the age of 18 while involved in Rugby League I decided to study genetics to work out the best way to structurally build my body to become the best athlete I could.

Congratulations on your victory at the 2016 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific Championships where you took out first place in the Muscle Model Category. I believe this was your first competition, how did it feel to achieve such success in your first ever stage appearance?
It was a great feeling at the age of 41 to enter and win my first comp. It was amazing to know that all my hard work had paid off. I felt really proud but also humbled to beat the other great competitors.

Are you involved in any other sports or have previously had success in any other sporting endeavors.
I have had success in the Martial Arts world, achieving 2nd Dan Black Belt for the NZ Karate Academy. I also played in a Premier Rugby League team in my younger days.

Do you believe involvement in these sports has helped forge the physique you have today?
Yes, I believe it was the building blocks to the physical form I have today.

You are a part of the highly successful Team EPA Australia headed by Joshua Hohua. How did you find the whole Team experience and camaraderie leading into the event?
Absolutely amazing, great family-like atmosphere which made the experience of my preparation more enjoyable and easy. We all built each other up both during prep and on the day so when someone won it felt like we all had in a way.

What do you do for a career and have you any advice for those that say they don’t have time to get to the gym because of their busy schedules?
Currently working in civil construction, often working 10 hours a day. Gym should always be about wanting to go not forcing yourself to go, you can always make time for a
session, even if it’s only 45 minutes, that’s still enough to make gains. It’s a lifestyle and you just make it work!

How important do you feel it is to have professional guidance leading into an event in regards body conditioning and stage confidence?
I think it’s very important, to have a great coach behind you takes the stress off you and allows you to focus on what you need to. The guidance I received from Josh, particularly with posing (also meal prep), was invaluable and gave me the confidence I needed to win.

Nutrition is always a stumbling block for many looking to compete for the first time. What sort of diet did you follow leading into the Asia Pacific event. Are you a high protein –low carb person or preferred the more balanced approach?
My nutrition was completely under josh’s (EPAs) guidance. It was more of a balanced diet, I am lucky to have a high metabolism so I was able to keep my carb intake up and didn’t have to drop the calories too much. I was on to 1700 calories on my last week.

How important is mental focus and a positive attitude when it comes to getting into great physical shape?
It’s the biggest part in my opinion. You need to have the focus to be able to go the gym and get the most out of your workout. If you go in there dragging your feet, you won’t get the results. For that 1 hour or so, while in the gym, you just need to dominate and focus and push yourself in order to make changes.

Do you believe in having an off season or prefer to stay in good shape year round.
I try to stay around 9% body fat all year round.

What’s the maximum weight anyone should gain post comp? For male and female?
Male – 10-15kgs
Female – 7-8 kgs

How many days a week and what sort of program do you follow leading into a competition? Can you provide our readers with an example split?
5 days gym, 2 days off. Then 4 days gym 1 day off, then 6 days gym 1 day off. Program is based on my problem areas when leading up to comp. For example I wanted to grow my legs so I worked them heavy 3 days a week. My program is very specific to me and getting the biggest gains on my ‘problem’ areas so I had good symmetry on comp day.

Are you a big cardio man or prefer to use diet and weight training to drop body fat prior to a show?
Definitely diet and weight training. I did almost no cardio prior to the show!

How important is it to have a good family and support crew behind you when preparing for a show?
Very important, I believe in positive vibes at the gym and home life helps create a better athlete.

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